A Place Where I Belong
The King is Dead



Aru beki Basho

Japan Air Date

September 18, 2002

English Air Date

February 17, 2005



Opening Song

Northern Lights

Ending Song


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Die! Collision!

A Place Where I Belong(在るべき場所) is the 63rd episode of the Shaman King anime series.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Hao attacks everyone and they get all pushed back. As Ren attacks Hao again, he gets knocked back to the ground by Hao's fire. Meanwhile, Team "Icemen" and the Lily Five are at the Holy Ground of the Spirits but get ambushed by some of Hao's followers. As they prepare to fight them, Yohmei are seen being worried about the facts Yoh has still not returned and the 1080 Rosary Breads where just destroyed by Hao. Meanwhile, Manta wakes up and sees Ryu getting knocked down, but standing up again. As Manta states to Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants that it will work out somehow, Manta looks at Yoh, who is still lying on the ground. Meanwhile, Hao knocks ChocoloveFaust VIII and Lyserg down again. As Ryu and Ren and Horohoro  attack Hao again, Hao states that they're foolish and knocks them down again. As Hao states that they've to go no chance of winning and asks if they want to avenge Yoh so badly, everyone stands up again and states that Yoh isn't dead because he is still with them, capturing Anna's attention. As everyone attacks Hao again, Hao states that he gets irritated and dodges all the attacks. As Hao tries to attack them in his anger, Yoh is seen in an empty space waking up. Meanwhile, Yoh in the real world stands up and surprises everyone, especially Anna. Meanwhile, Yohmei and the others sense that Yoh's aura has returned and are happy. As Yoh states that they'll continue from where they left off to a very angry Hao, Anna gives Yoh his headphones back and welcomes him. 

As Yoh's attack gets dodged by Hao, Hao asks Yoh how he came back. As Yoh states that it's because this is the place where he belongs, everyone gets happy. As Hao states that he won't accept this, Opacho is worried about an angry Hao. Meanwhile, the Shamans back in Patch Village are wondering what's going on. As Jeanne tells them that Hao will never obtain the Great Spirit, Yoh and the others attack Hao again. As Hao gets angrier by the minute, Team "Icemen" and the Lily Five are still fighting Hao's followers at the Holy Ground of the Stars. As Team "Enseioth" shows up to help them out, Yoh and the others are trying to stop Hao from moving. As Yoh attacks Hao, Hao teleports away to the ground. As Opacho walks up to him and asks why he is so angry, Hao tells her that he is not angry at all and this scares Opacho. As Opacho states that Hao is not the same person she knew, Opacho runs away crying. As Hao gets even angrier, he dashes towards the Great Spirit.

As he orders the Spirit of Fire to eat it from the inside, as it starts doing so, while Yoh and the others are surprised. As the Spirit of Fire turns to golden color, everyone wonders if Hao has just obtained the Great Spirit. Meanwhile, Yohmei and the others are seen being worried. As Hao confronts Yoh and the others with his new power, Hao easily pierces their Over Soul. As Yoh lands a blow on the Spirit of Fire, the Spirit of Fire burns his Oversoul as well. As Yoh and the others try to stand up again, Hao states that they need to taste Hell even more. As Yoh stand up and states that he will stop Hao right here, he creates his Oversoul again. As the Spirit of Fire completely emerges from the Great Spirit, Yoh dashes towards it and clashes with it. Meanwhile, all the people in and around the Patch Village or Holy Ground of the Stars are watching.

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