A Shaman Who is Mature for Her Age
A New Order



Oshama na Shāman

Japan Air Date

August 1, 2001

English Air Date

July 31, 2004



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song


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Hyoi 100%
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A Shaman Who is Mature for Her Age(おシャマなシャーマン) is the 5th episode of the Shaman King anime series.


As Yoh is still in the hospital, an unknown girl is seen walking to the entrance of the hospital. As soon as Yoh wakes up, he, Manta and Amidamaru talk about how Yoh is feeling. Then, the unknown girl shows up at the doorstep of Yoh's room. She starts complaining about Yoh being lazy and states that the "future looks rough". As Manta asks her who she is, it's revealed that she is Kyōyama Anna and Yoh's fiance. This leaves Manta and Amidamaru perplexed. Then Anna later orders Manta to go and buy a drink for her. At the soda machine, Yoh and Manta have a conversation about Anna. Yoh does not seem to like her sudden appearance and tells Manta that Anna is also a kind of Shaman, as a spiritualistic medium. As the two return, Amidamaru is seen being tied up by Anna with her necklace. Anna then tells Yoh that he has to undertake her special training course in order to get stronger. Anna states that with Yoh's current strength he will not succeed in becoming Shaman King. Anna tells them that Shamans from all around the world are gathering for the next Shaman Fight in Tokyo. As Yoh thinks he does not need any special training, Anna then states that she wants to become the Shaman King's First Lady and have an easy life too. And since Yoh is going to be her future husband, he has to become Shaman King no matter what happens. 

Later as Manta stops by Yoh's house, he tells Manta that Anna makes him run 50 laps every day with heavily weighted beaches attached to his arms and legs. As Manta states that he somehow understands her reasoning, Yoh tells Manta that if he would slack off, the spirits of the family who used to live in their house would report to Anna. As Anna shows up, Yoh has to go for a run again while Manta is being ordered by Anna to clean the house and prepare dinner later. While Yoh is running, Tao Ren is seen taking a shower in his apartment. As he gets out of the shower. he is greeted by his older sister, Tao Jun, who shows up. Ren asks her where she came for. Then a loop is shown, in which Yoh gets out of his bed and runs with the heavyweights. This is shown a few times in a row. and results in Yoh collapsing in the hallway from his tiredness. later that night, Tao Jun is seen thinking of "dropping by to say hello" to the Asakura kid who hurt her dearest brother Tao Ren. She is seen with a few talismans and three coffins, which contain unknown dead bodies she controls. Later on, as Yoh prepares to go for a run and Anna wants to go for a walk, the two of then talk about the chances of Yoh reaching Hyoi 100% at the moment if Tao Ren would attack him again. As they both go different directions, Anna tells Yoh to buy and prepare something for dinner. As Anna walks down the street, she notices a suspicious black van standing along the way. Meanwhile, Yoh runs through the park where he meets with Manta. As Yoh runs with Manta biking along with him, they have a conversation about how Yoh's training is going. 

As they take a short break at a riverside, the same black van Anna saw earlier stops a close by where Yoh and Manta are. As three Jiang Shi's get out and surround Yoh and Manta, Yoh tells Manta to get away and takes his heavy braces off. Then, Amidamaru and Anna show up. After Yoh uses Hyoi Gattai, he defeats his three opponents easily. As Yoh, Manta, and Amidamaru talk about the progress Yoh made with his training, a black car with Tao Jun inside is seen driving away. As they get home, Anna more than doubles the weight of Yoh's braces. As Yoh is complaining, Anna states that it's to be expected if he wants to become Shaman King. Then as Anna orders Yoh to prepare some food for her, Tao Jun is seen with Tao Ren. She states that Yoh is not so tough and does not understand why her brother had a hard time fighting him. Then she tells her brother that she is going to crush Yoh for him.

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