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The Ainu Elder is part of the Ainu Tribe and most likely its leader.


The elder, despite his age was a tall broad man with long white hair and with a long white beard. He wears traditional tribal robes and a band around his hair.


He was against Usui Horokeu's relationship with Kurobe Tamiko mainly because she was part of the humans who had come to take their land from them.

Despite his serious nature, he could still have fun and teased Horokeu about his face turning red when he talked about Tamiko.



When Horokeu was young, he was brought before the Ainu Elder who told him not to associate with the humans who had come to build a dam near the village. When Horokeu imaged him though a thought bubble, he reminded him of the nature of his name and the story and nature of their tribe. He also reminds him that he is their wolf that would fight for them in the upcoming Shaman Fights.

Anime/Manga Difference[]

Because Usui Horokeu's past was never explored in the anime series, he only appears in the manga series



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