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The Ainu Tribe (アイヌ民族 Ainu Minzoku) is a tribe in the Shaman King series.


The Ainu is an ancient tribe located in Hokkaido, Japan. Legend says that their ancestors were born from the union of a princess and a wolf[1] and they themselves believe that they are descendants of the gods.[2]


Ainu Tribe e v
Ainu Elder
Ainu Elder portrait.png
He was the leader of the tribe and discouraged Horohoro from befriending Kurobe Tamiko.
Usui Lycan portrait.png
Usui Lycan
(碓氷リカン Usui Rikan)
Usui Lycan is the father of Horokeu and Pirica. He is the head of the tribe in Hokkaido and is also an office worker.
Usui Horokeu
(碓氷ホロケウ Usui Horokeu)
Usui Horokeu portrait.png
Better known as Horohoro, Usui Horokeu is the son of Lycan and the elder brother of Pirica. He competes in the Shaman Fight with the help of his Guardian Ghost, Kororo.
Usui Pirica portrait.png
Usui Pirica
(碓氷ピリカ Usui Pirica)
Usui Pirica is the little sister of Horohoro, and the daughter of Lycan. She is a shaman and her guardian ghost is Torara, a Morimo.

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