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Alumi Niumbirch (アルミ・ニウムバーチ Arumi Niumubāchi), nicknamed Anna the Itako III (三代目イタコのアンナ Sandaime Itako no Anna), is a fictional character in the manga series of Shaman King. She is a member of the Patch Tribe and is the daughter of Silva.[1]


Alumi has tanned skin and long messy light blond hair with a single braid in front of her left ear. She wears a black dress, white boots, and white wristwarmers all with fringe at the bottom and has tied a patterned red bandana around her head. As a part of the Patch Tribe, most of Alumi's clothes exhibit traces of Patch craftsmanship.

While attending school, she wears the school uniform, although she removes her bandana and pulls her hair back with a clip on the right side, while the left side is braided. She also has an eagle feather attached to her left wrist beneath the shirt.


Alumi is very proud of her ancestry and has proclaimed herself to be the strongest Itako of her generation, showing an arrogant personality. She is rather rude, insensitive, inconsiderate, mocking and incredibly brutal. She will even go as far to say cruel, and very unnecessary things to others, and does not seem to care whether or not she is out of line. However, she is kind-hearted and compassionate, such as protecting Morimura from Rapt and expressing worry over his safety, as well as appreciation for his kindness.

She appears self-conscious about her body as she gave Hana a kick after he complained about how ridiculous the idea is that he is going to marry a "flat chest" and after knocking him out when he said it again, noted that she would "slaughter" him if he called her a "flat chest" again.

Abilities and Powers[]

Possessing the bloodline of Patch Hao, she is well-versed in the traditional Patch Crafts. Alumi was trained as an Itako by Anna I and Asakura Anna and is gifted with considerable Furyoku. Asakura Anna also trained her to control the Oni's created by her son's Setsubun Mode.

Like other shamans, Alumi is able to use Hyōi-Gattai in order to channel other spirits through her body. Amongst other she regularly uses the spirit of a soldier named Hans Meyer, that is possessing her motorcycle, in order to ride it safely.[2]


See More: Silver Arms

Alumi has five guardian ghosts, who are luminous totems. They were originally five animal spirits that have trained and refined themselves for over five hundred years eventually becoming nature spirits. They were inherited from her father.[3]

  • Silver Horn - An American Bison spirit.
  • Silver Rod - A Coral snake spirit.
  • Silver Shield - A gopher tortoise spirit.
  • Silver Tail - A coyote spirit.
  • Silver Wing - An American bald eagle spirit.

Unlike her father, she wields Silver Shield on her chest and Silver Horn on her left arm, while Silver Tail is used on both her feet and uses Silver Wing on her head. She can also turn Silver Horn into a Shotgun able to fire a special Bean called "Goldva" that can absorb and purify evil.

When Asakura Hana returned from one of hells within the Great Spirit along with Sakutaro Sakurai's spirit, he was still dead. It was when Hana worked as a temporary guardian ghost of Alumi.



She was born in the Patch Tribe during the Shaman Fight to Silva of the Ten Patch Priests responsible for overseeing the tournament. She was taken in by Anna I and lived in Los Angeles where she was trained as an Itako, while being raised by Gandhara.[4] She was later trained by Asakura Anna herself who also approved of her as Hana's fiancée.[5] Also, as a child, she was present alongside Hana in the Patch Village as it was destroyed by Kamogawa Yosuke.


At the age of 13, Alumi pulls to safety Asakura Hana from Asakura Yohane and Luca's attack, leaving their combined Over Soul stuck in the garden. After being threatened by Luca, Alumi goads them into attacking her and flies around them to prove her skills. Alumi blocks an attack with Silver Shield and follows up with Silver Horn, destroying Yohane and Luca's Over Soul. She then introduces herself as Hana's fiancée.[6] Afterwards, the Hana-Gumi Waitresses scare away Yohane and Luca.

After Hana wakes up in the hospital and believes it was all a dream, Alumi appears behind him and strikes him in the stomach for calling her a "flat-chest" and mocks the abilities of Umemiya Ryunosuke and Amidamaru before leaving.[7]

A few days later she transfers to Shinra Private School in the same class as Hana and Yohane. After introducing herself, she spots Hana and Yohane and calls them out, addressing Hana as "Fiancé-Kun" and Yohane as "Eyepatch-Kun" to the shock of the class and annoyance of Hana. She later follows the boys to the mall after they skip class and finds Hana feeding Yohane. After an argument with Hana, she punches him with her Over Soul and leaves, telling them not to lower their guard.

Anime/Manga Difference[]

Alumi is a manga-only character.


  • Her appearance and clothes are similar to Anna I, and Asakura Anna with the main difference being the Patch Craftsmanship design.
  • Alumi Niumbirch's name makes reference to how the Patch Tribe is named after metals and elements of the Periodic Table. In her case, she is named after an element of aluminum. Her name also references her father Silva and the silver birch tree.


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