American Hot Springs
The Great Western Spa



Amerika Onsen

Japan Air Date

February 27, 2002

English Air Date

January 11, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Trust You

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American Hot Springs(アメリカ温泉) is the 34th episode of Shaman King the anime series.


As Tamao accidentally breaks the seal on the Chō-SenjiryakketsuHao's Shikigamis, Zenki and Goki appear. As Zenki and Goki turn to attack Manta and Tamao, Anna is able to seal them away using the 1080 Rosary Breads. As Zenki and Goki get sealed away, they state that its impossible for someone to master one of Hao's technique's so quickly. Meanwhile, Yoh and the others continue their journey towards Patch Village. Later on, the Lily Five are seen being lost. As Sharona tries to cross a bridge, she gets attacked by Tilda, who steals Sharona's guardian ghost, Enra Enra. Tilda then drives away after destroying Sharona's tires with her guardian ghost, Kanae. Meanwhile, Yoh and the others decide to relax for a while at a spa resort. As they are heading to the spa resort, Tilda is seen noticing that Yoh has an Oracle Bell, and then she follows Yoh and the others. Later on, Yoh and the others are relaxing in a hot spring. As Yoh and the others talk about Hao and the X-LawsLyserg tells that, unlike anybody else, he actually liked the X-Laws' idea to destroy Hao. As Lyserg asks Yoh about how he is related to Hao, Yoh states that he doesn't know. Meanwhile, the Lily Five are trying to find Tilda to get Enra Enra back. Sharona then tells the others that Tilda can read people's minds and exploit any weakness. As Yoh and the others are playing table tennis, Ryu notices that Lyserg is gone. 

Later on, as Ryu is taking a bath on his own, Lyserg joins him. As Ryu notices Tilda and that something strange is going on, he does not come along with Lyserg, who states that he has something important to talk about with Ryu. Later on, Tilda lets Enra Enra transport in Anna in order to wake up Yoh, but Yoh goes back to sleep like nothing happened after she woke him up. As Amidamaru shows up and tells to the fake Anna to show her real self already, Tilda runs away scared. As Tilda tries to catch Horohoro next, she gets frozen by Kororo, who was still awake. As Tilda wants to enter Ren's room, he appears behind her all of a sudden. As Ren wants to attack Tilda, she runs away scared again.

Later on, Tilda lets Enra Enra transform herself in Marco to lure Lyserg away. As Tilda is about to shoot Lyserg down, the Lily five appear and stop Tilda. As Tilda wants to attack a defenseless Sharona, Sally knocks Tilda out with her Over Soul. As Sharona takes her guardian ghost back, she tells Lyserg that everything was just an illusion. Then, Yoh and the others show up and Yoh thanks the Lily Five for helping Lyserg. Later on, Hao is seen in a room with an unknown figure.

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