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Anahol Pokki (アナホル・ポッキ, "Anahōru Pokki") is a fictional character in the manga series of Shaman King. He is the younger twin brother of Anatel Pokki.


Anahol strongly resembles his late twin brother, Anatel Pokki, to the point where both Iron Maiden Jeanne and Lyserg Diethel, at first sight, mistook him for Anatel, although he proclaims that his twin brother's nose was longer.[1] Anahol wore a golden colored suit that had hieroglyphic patterns texture adorned all over the suit, a magenta dress shirt with a white tie and brown formal shoes.


Anahol is quite similar to his twin brother in terms of vanity. It is apparent he has great respect for his late brother, as he describes Anatel's nose as "beautiful". while he seeks revenge against Team "X-I", particularly Jeanne, as she were responsible for killing his twin brother.

He is confident in his abilities and acts calmly when he have the upper hand, but Anahol is easily frightened, such as when facing people stronger than him or when he was driving with Luchist Lasso who was speeding both times.

Abilities and Powers[]


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Shaman Fights Second Round[]

He shows up in front of Team "X-I" vowing to get revenge for the death of his twin brother, Anatel Pokki. He kills Marco Lasso, by piercing his chest with his whip and chases after their car when Lyserg Diethel have Zelel fly it away, destroying the car with his Over Soul and killing both Lyserg and Jeanne. After defeating the team, he tells Tamamura Tamao and Oyamada Manta to leave while he had to deal with the dead corpses of X-Laws, but Tamao choose to stay and protect their bodies believing that either Johann Faust VIII or Saigan Sati would be able to revive them. Tamao and Manta refuse to back down and then attack Anahol, who he easily blocks their attack and prepares his Over Soul, only to have it destroyed by Marco, who had been revived by Jeanne, before the car exploded. Marco then proceeds to overwhelm Anahol with his Archangel Michael and ends up holding Anahol at gunpoint.

Invading the Plants[]

After Team "Funbari Onsen", Team "The Ren", Team "X-I" and Team "Hoshi-Gumi" was transported to the by the Patch Tribe, Kyōyama Anna holds Anahol as a hostage and forces him to use his Over Soul as a submarine for her and her friends to travel to the Continent of Mu with four of the renaming the Five Grand Elemental Spirits.[2]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

Anahol doesn't appear in the 2001 anime series, although his twin brother, Anatel, does.



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