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Angels (天使 Angels) are high-classed spirits, and are the origins of Archangels.


The Big Heaven

According to Hao, it is technically impossible for humans to become an angel not only because their home stage, the Big Heaven, is the second highest commune within the Great Spirits where human spirits wouldn't reach regardless of numbers of rebirthings, but also because of angels being "unlovely" even by "Hao's standard"; being extremely exclusive, and haven't accepted any new members for dozens of centuries since the Big Heaven was created.[1]

Lucifer was once the chief of angels, but was exiled from the Big Heaven by opposing the "God".[2]

Luchist Lasso once ventured into a high commune, presumably the Big Heaven, within the Great Spirits, and took "pieces" of the real angels and brought to this world to create the artificial angels.[3]

Marco Lasso achieved to become an angel after countless rebirthings and trainings in the hell he chose intentionally.[1]

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