Angel's Pistol
Winged Destroyers



Tenshi no Pisutoru

Japan Air Date

March 13, 2002

English Air Date

January 13, 2005



Opening Song

Northern Lights

Ending Song


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Angel's Pistol(天使のピストル) is the 36th episode of Shaman King the anime series.


As Boris attacks MillieRyu is able to save her by intercepting the attack. As Horohoro then attacks Boris with an attack that blasts him away, Millie and Ryu are worried about Lyserg, who is still unconscious. As Yoh and the others want to go and find Boris, Yoh tells Millie and Ellie to get away and that they will take care of Lyserg. As Yoh and the others dash through the hole that Horohoro created with his attack, they face Boris in the movie theater, where they find out that the church and the movie theater where connected. As Ellie and Millie get outside, they are confronted by the X-Laws. As the X-laws want to enter the church, Millie stops them while stating that Yoh and the others will make it all work out. As Marco wants to shoot Millie, the whole Lily Five rebels against the X-Laws. Meanwhile, as Ryu wants to kill Boris by piercing his wooden sword in Boris' heart, Ren states that Boris can't be a vampire because he is just a Shaman, making this makes Boris quite angry. Then Ren states that Boris is using his guardian ghost to control one person he bites, which means that the spirit is now inside Lyserg. As Ren wants to attack Lyserg, Lyserg dodges the attack and captures Yoh.

As Boris wants to attack everyone while stating that he hates humans, Yoh makes him stop by stating that since Boris is with Hao, he is with humans too. As Boris gets very angry, Lyserg is able to ask Yoh if he could just kill him in order to save everyone. Yoh then refuses to do so while smiling, and then Yoh makes Lyserg bite him, so everyone is able to free themselves from the spikes Boris has set up. As Boris tells his spirit, Blamuro, to get up and use Yoh's body to destroy everyone. As Yoh gets up, Boris finds out that his guardian ghost wasn't able to take control of Yoh because Yoh and Amidamaru where fused for a long time, so Amidamaru was able to restrain Blamuro. Then, Ren attacks and defeats Boris. As Lyserg wants to attacks Boris again, Blamuro shows up to protect Boris. Blamuro then tells the truth about how he found out that Boris' family were no real vampires and how he gladly became his guardian ghost in return. Boris then flees.

As Boris enters the cathedral, he gets confronted by the X-Laws. As the X-Laws prepare to kill Boris, Yoh stands in their way and states that he will protect Boris by force if he has to. As Yoh states that if you kill someone, you're just as evil as Hao, the X-Laws get very angry and want to kill Yoh. As they attack Yoh, Boris intercepts the attack, getting himself killed. As the X-Laws leave they ask Yoh one more time to join them. As Yoh and the others refuse, Lyserg goes together with the X-Laws. As Ryu wants to stop him, they find the defeated Lily Five at the entrance of the church knocked out cold. As Lyserg leaves he states that Yoh is kind, but he cannot longer believe in him. Later on outside, Yoh and the others say their goodbye to the Lily Five and Blamuro, while Millie and Ryu are still depressed about Lyserg's actions.

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