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Another Shaman (もう一人のシャーマン) is the 3rd episode of the anime series of Shaman King.


At dusk, as Manta walks home from school, he sees an unknown shaman standing on the hill. Later on, Manta tells Yoh that he had seen a guy with the same aura similar to Yoh's. But he does not really seem to care about it. To fight the heat. as the two of them buy some Shirokuma Kakigōri ice cream at a local ice cream store, Yoh later buys one for Amidamaru as well as Yoh brings a memorial tablet at the store with him. to make Amidamaru's sudden appearance leaves Manta a little scared. At night, Manta sits alone on a bench, wondering about how tough shamans would be like compared to Yoh. As Manta goes home, he runs into the unknown shaman again but this time at a traffic light. The unknown shaman passes the street while the light is red, and then slices an upcoming truck in half using his Kwandao and his guardian ghost. As the unknown shaman turns over to look at Manta, he tells him that he is "the only shaman needed" and his name is Tao Ren. Before he walks away like nothing happened, he tells Manta that he is going to be the Shaman King. This leaves Manta frightened. 

The next morning, Manta tells Yoh about what happened. Yoh does not seem to care about the fact that there is another shaman in town, but Manta gets his attention when he says that Ren wants to become shaman king. Yoh does not know the name Tao Ren but Manta comes to the conclusion that he must know Yoh somehow. Meanwhile, Amidamaru appears and is very interested in the skill of Ren's guardian ghost, who seems to be a Chinese warrior according to his appearance. Manta is still worried but Yoh tells him it's alright because a bad person cannot see spirits, therefore Ren must be a good person. As Yoh explains to Manta and Amidamaru what a Shaman King is, they meet Ren at a traffic light. As they cross the road and pass each other, Ren tells Yoh that he is "the only shaman needed" and that he will be waiting for him "at a place where you can see the stars". As Yoh decides to meet Ren, he runs into Manta, who wants to join him in order to get to know more about shamans. Together they head to a place where Ren is waiting.

Meanwhile at the graveyard, Ryu is seen together with is gang. Ryu is still mad at Yoh for defeating him twice in two days. Just then Ren shows up at the graveyard. He tells Ryu and his gang to move because they are in his way. Ryu and his gang then attack Ren, but he defeats them easily in a blink of an eye. As Ren is about to land a deadly blow on Ryu with his Kwandao, Yoh shows up to stops him and then tells Ryu to stand back. Then Ren mocks Yoh for the treating his guardian ghost as a "friend". He states that a guardian ghost should be used as a shaman's "tool". As both shamans use Hyoi Gattai, it's revealed that Ren's guardian ghost is named Bason. This leaves Ryu impressed as Manta states they are shamans and he has no idea what's going to happen next. As Yoh and Ren then start to fight, Ryu is seen being able to see both Guardian ghosts. Then Ren uses his Chuuka Zanmai attack which Yoh is able to block his attack. Ren then states that "playtime is over" and uses his Hyoi 100%. As Yoh gets badly beaten to the ground, Ren attacks again with his Chuka Zanmai attack. This breaks Yoh's wooden sword, Hyoi-Gattai and badly injures him in the progress.

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