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Asakura Hana (麻倉花) is the protagonist of the Shaman King manga series sequels from Funbari no Uta to Hana's Epoch and Shaman King Flowers. He is the son of Asakura Yoh and Anna, and is the main heir to the Asakura Family after his father.


Hana as seen in Funbari no Uta

Hana has mid-length dirty blond hair that is very similar to his father's hairstyle. The only difference is that Hana's hair is wavy like his mother's. He has amber colored eyes and a light complexion.

When Hana Asakura was younger, he dressed in overalls with no shirt. His hair was much longer and wilder looking.

In his teens, Hana's hair was again long and wild and he dresses very similarly to his father's casual clothes. He wears a high-collared white shirt with rolled-up sleeves and jeans with rolled cuffs. The biggest difference is that he wears a black under-shirt. He also wears his father orange headphones, but behind the ears. At times he also wears his school's black jacket over his shirt as well. He is seen carrying a black briefcase as well, which holds the Asakura family's secret treasure, the Futunomitama no Turugi.


Hana seems to have a very similar attitude to his mother Anna. He is quick to anger and overly violent at times. He also has a signature "welcome" kick with which he greets most people, including his father Yoh, Usui Horokeu, and even his uncle Hao. This is very reminiscent of his mother who would use her "famous left" to slap people who were irritating her. In contrast to his father, he doesn't show his spirits much respect, he is not as friendly to everyone the first time and does not seem as kind.

However, Hana does seem to have a soft side. He attempts to get first aid for Asakura Yohane who he had just beaten in a fight and later he is seen watering his flowers.

Hana does seem to be very vain as well. He says that he would die of embarrassment if he wore anything like Yohane's eyepatch and accuses him of having Chūnibyō because of the way he talks and dresses. Later when he sees Asakura Luca for the first time, watching him through a window, he immediately believes her to be a secret admirer.

He also seems to have resentment for his father as he states that "The only one who will beat Asakura Yoh is me". This could also be taken to mean that he hopes that he will one day surpass his father and that Yoh is Hana's greatest obstacle to overcome.

Abilities and Powers[]

According to Amidamaru, Hana has more potential than his father as a Shaman, both physically and mentally. According to Ryu, he has the same strength as his mother and he even has a phantom left kick. At the age of 7, he already had the ability to form an Over Soul.

When he was a spirit when to confront Oume Kaizou, his power as a spirit was rather powerful to easily stop Kaizou's oni, and he could have used Amidamaru's technique Shinku Buddagiri due to his experiences as Amidamaru's current shaman.


  • Futunomitama no Turugi

The Futunomitama no Turugi is a red sword-shaped rock that has been owned by the Asakura Family ever since the time of Asakura Hao. According to Hao, it was once owned by a sword god and even though it's only made of rock, it is the perfect medium to create a sword Over Soul. That sword which slumbers in a storage room of the Asakura Family always creates a stir in the world when surfaced since it's a national treasure.[2]


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Hana has inherited his father's guardian ghost Amidamaru. Using the Futunomitama no Turugi he is able to create a single Over Soul with a demonic head that acts as a flexible shield but he can also change it into an armguard with a cleaver like a blade.

Hana has demonstrated the skill to summon Onis like his mother, Anna. It was an ability given to him by his uncle, Asakura Hao, when he revived him as a baby, as a way of preventing him from ever dying again. Doing this also benefited Hao. With Hana having the ability to summon Onis, he would be even more powerful as the leader of Team Hao in the Flower of Maize.[3] Initially he only summons small ones, but if they are defeated, he begins to chant "Demons Out" (鬼は外) while summoning larger ones. Eventually, he will begin to condense the summoned Onis into a Dark Oni.[4]

When Ichihara Ryuji almost killed Hana by fracturing his skull he went into a trance and began summoning them at random. Alumi refers to this state as Setsubun Mode. When he was attacked by Ibuki Gakko he summoned several small ones at will and was even able to shape them into a battle armor around himself.[5] He can also use Furyoku nullification with the small Onis.

The final and ultimate risk of using this power is revealed to Hana when he uses it to combat Tao Men and dies. According to Hao himself, this is a power given to Hana in order to protect him when his life is at risk, so using it intentionally is like putting his own life in danger and eventually, it will kill him.

After Hana successfully left the Asura Realm of the Great Spirit, Sakutaro became Hana's new spirit only for one time, and after the defeat of Kaizo Oume, Sakutaro returned to the Great Spirit.

After the battle, the numerous spirits of the soldiers of the war that had been sealed by Kaizou Oume, became Hana's new partners although they wanted to return to the Great Spirit.



He was born on August 15, 2001, and is the 6-year-old son of Asakura Yoh and Asakura Anna. As a baby, he and his parents were killed in the Middle East[4] and all three ended up in the Great Spirit. There, Anna used blackmail to force the Shaman King, Asakura Hao, to revive them. While doing so, Hao implants Onis into his nephew as a safeguard.[3]

Later on, as a child, Hana was present with Alumi Niumbirch at the Patch Village amidst its destruction by a young Kamogawa Yosuke. Unfortunately, he lost a portion of his memories sometime after these incidents.

Funbari no Uta[]

Introduced as a 6-year-old, he is under the guardianship of Tamamura Tamao whom he believes is his mother. He works with Umemiya Ryunosuke to search for The Five Elemental Warriors. After meeting with four of the warriors and hearing them talk about the final encounter with Asakura Hao, his father and mother suddenly arrive, with his father saying that everything will work out in the end because that is what they promised him. Stuttering "Fa... Father" Hana suddenly attacks his father with a "Welcome Kick".[6] After that, Tamao then scolds Hana for kicking his father in the gut, yet he refuses to apologize.


At age 13, Hana was called to the cemetery by Ichihara Ryuji and his gang who wished to beat him in order to be recognized as the strongest gang in West Tokyo. Hana, who do not understand their reasoning for fighting, nevertheless taking up their challenge and beat them by using Hyōi-Gattai with Amidamaru. When he returns home he is however scolded by Tamao for using spirits, and she bans him from using them.

When he returns to the cemetery the next day, he finds Amidamaru's gravestone had been sliced in two and decides to find the person responsible. He is however interrupted by a boy from his school, asking for directions. After Hana insults him, the boy reveals that he can actually see Amidamaru and that he himself possesses the spirit of a swordsman. He challenges Hana to a fight, he accepts it, as it would end his boredom.

After asking his name, the boy reveals himself to be Asakura Yohane, but Hana merely ignores and laughs at his addition of gloves and an eyepatch. Hana performs Hyōi Gattai with Amidamaru and attacks Yohane who defends the same way. After Yohane gains the upper hand against Hana and delivering a hard blow, he reveals his Over Soul and his reasons to kill the heir to the Asakura Family. But after Hana hears that he is aiming to kill his father as well, he uses his own Over Soul and defends against Yohane's attack. He then changes the shape of his Over Soul and strikes Yohane, defeating him and breaking his arm in the process.

Shocked by the result, Hana leaves to bring him first aid. He meets Tamao on his way who he lies to about the fight and later the Hana-Gumi Waitresses at the Inn who almost makes him forget about the first aid kit. He later returns with the kit to the cemetery only to find Yohane gone. The same night, he reveals the events of the fight to Ryu who in turn tells him that Tamao left to investigate the boy and his sister.

Later that night, Hana sees a girl across the street, watching him from behind a street lamp and goes to see who she is, thinking that she is his first "secret admirer". She, however, attacks him with two dog spirits and later she reveals herself to be Asakura Luca the older sister of Asakura Yohane. She then forms her Over Soul and mocks Hana's Furyoku level, before attacking him. Hana, however, changes the shape of his Over Soul to better receive the attack and then changed his Over Soul to its offensive form. Luca also changed the shape of her Over Soul and while Hana is focused on it, he is attacked from behind by Yohane, who manages to impale him through his stomach.

Hana is however still able to stand and, in panic, Luca not only dissolves his Furyoku with her Over Soul but also combines it with Yohane's to deliver a finishing blow. Hana is however saved by the sudden appearance of Alumi Niumbirch who easily defeats the siblings' Oversoul.

When Hana arrives in the hospital he is suddenly hit in the stomach by Alumi after calling her "flat-chested". After his recovery, he goes to school only to find Yohane and Alumi transferred to his school.

Hana and Yohane later on ditch school to go to a new mall that was opened up. Hana is attacked by Alumi when she finds them at the mall only to see Hana eating with Yohane. Hana is then attacked by Ichihara Ryuji and Luca. Hana is knocked out cold due to not having Amidamaru by his side because he was turned to stone due the fact by the hands of Luca.

While knocked out, Hana remembers when he died during that time when he was with his parents as an infant. Hana is brought back to life at the cost of being filled with Onis. Hana wakes up and summons Onis. The Onis summoned by Hana start forming an Oni called the "Dark Oni", and Luca is defeated by the Oni. Yohane is suddenly grabbed by the Oni but is saved when Alumi destroys it.

As Hana felt miserable knowing about this, Hana goes to the cemetery again, only to be attacked by Ibuki Gakko. Hana takes the form of an oni but is defeated by Ibuki Gakko. He gets back up only to be knocked down by Alumi. Alumi is angered due to the fact that Hana using the Onis purposefully when he was only allowed to use the Onis when his life was at stake.

Later on, Hana is attacked by Tao Men. Hana uses the "Dark Oni" but before he could attack the Oni disappears, and Hana finds his uncle Hao next to a tree, along with some cats. Hana throws a punch at his uncle Hao but only to be grabbed. Hana then uses his left leg and kick his uncle Hao in the face. but as Hao then explains that he can see him because he has died due to using the Onis for something else other than using them when his life was in danger. Hana then tells his uncle Hao to bring him back to life. Hao says he will if he can defeat Yoh when he was still at the age of 14.

Hana loses to his father and then finds himself on an island beside a broken airplane. A man pulls out a gun on Hana. Due to Hana thinking it was a mere joke, he is given a scar on his cheek by a bullet fire. Back where Men, Gakko, Yohane, and Alumi are, Alumi explains if he comes back he will be more mature.


  • The name "Hana" means flower. Hana's name comes from the conjunction of the characters in Yoh (葉, also pronounced as Ha) and Anna's (ナ, pronounced as Na) names.
    • His hobbies are horticulture.
  • According to Ryu, one can tell who his mother is from his kick.
  • His favorite food is curry beef buns.


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