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Asakura Luca (麻倉路菓 Asakura Ruka) is a fictional character in the Shaman King Flowers manga series. She is a branch member of the Asakura Family.


Luca has waist long black hair with a simple red headband and a shide worn in it.

She wears a sailor-style school uniform in black, white and red with an ankle-length skirt. It is decorated with stars, a symbol inherited from her ancestor Asakura Hao, and more shide in place of a ribbon on her collar. An armband with another star is worn on her left arm.

She often carries a wand with a star on the end, which is the medium for her O.S.


Though Luca is from a branch family, like her younger brother Asakura Yohane, she believes they have more pure blood and is stronger than the heir to the main family.

She deeply cares for her young brother and even when he lost against Asakura Hana she still reassures him that he did well. As his older sister, she also sees it as her responsibility to take revenge against Hana for hurting Yohane.[1]

Abilities and Powers


See More: Shinden and Raiden

Shinden and Raiden are the spirits of a pair of dogs that the Branch Family once owned. According to Yohane she also owns a third unknown spirit that their father once came home with.[2]



Luca in her childhood

Born on September 9, 1997, she and her brother Yohane were raised by their father, alone in the mountains of Kyoto without any friends or contact with the outside world. Luca was taught that it was her duty to take care of her brother Yohane.


After defeating Ichihara Ryuji's gang in the cemetery Luca and Yohane stand before Amidamaru's grave and break it in two.

She later finds Yohane at the cemetery after his defeat by Hana. After Yohane apologizes for his defeat, she reassures him and cradles his wounded body. She calms down her angry wolf spirits Shinden and Raiden and promises revenge against Hana for hurting Yohane.

The next night she leers at Hana from behind a street lamp and he approaches her, not knowing who she is. Luca attacks Hana with Shinden and Raiden before forming her Over Soul and mocks Hana's Furyoku level when he forms his Over Soul. Her attack, however, fails as Hana's Over Soul changes its shape to better receive her attack. After Hana changes his Over Soul to its offensive form, Luca also changes her Over Soul to its true form, a walker. While Hana is focused on Luca's Over Soul, Yohane attacked him from behind and pierced him through his stomach.

Hana is however still able to attack, forcing Luca to use her Over Soul's ability to dissolve his Furyoku and in panic calls for Yohane to combine his Over Soul with hers and attacks him once more. But Hana is instead saved in the last minute by the sudden appearance of Alumi Niumbirch who in turn also destroys the siblings merged Over Soul. As the Hana-Gumi Waitresses confronts them as well, Luca recreates her Over Soul to help them escape.

After enrolling into Banshō Privat School, she ends up in the same class as Ichihara Ryuji and after introducing herself, Ryuji comes up to her and ask he can help her with anything. She somehow manages to convince Ryuji to kill Hana for bullying her and together with Ryuji's gang they confront Hana and Yohane at the local mall.

As Hana is about to attack them with his Over Soul, Luca reveals that she petrified his Guardian Ghost Amidamaru, leaving him open to an attack. Ryuji takes the chance and strikes Hana in the head with a wooden sword, splitting it open. Luca then goads Ryuji to finish him off and attacks two members of his gang after he hesitates. Now threatening his gang if he does not comply, Ryuji reveals that he can see her Over Soul and Luca reveals that they are shamans and what abilities they have.

Realizing something is wrong, Yohane tells Luca to dissolve her Over Soul and threatens to do it himself, only for Luca to reveal that she has also petrified Daikyou. They are however all interrupted by a scream from Hana as he wakes up.

Anime/Manga Difference

Luca is a manga-only character.



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