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Asakura Munzer Redseb (麻倉・M・ルドセブ), previously known as Redseb Munzer (ルドセブ・ミュンツァー Rudosebu Myuntsā), is a fictional character in the Shaman King manga and anime series. He is a member of Team "Kabbalahers", which Asakura Mikihisa formed with Redseb and his younger sister, Seyrarm.


Redseb as a teenager.

Redseb has short, messy light brown hair and light blue eyes. He dresses very casually; plain t-shirt, jean shorts, wristbands and black running shoes.

After starting school in Funbari ga Oka he begins wearing the school uniform, though, like Asakura Yoh he does not wear a tie and unbuttons the shirt revealing his bare upper body.


He is usually shown energetic and very protective of his sister. Once he encountered Chocolove McDonell during the shaman tournament, Redseb showed a colder side of himself, attacking Mikihisa when he tried to stop him and killed the members of Shaft as well as Chocolove to avenge the murder of his father.[3]

Abilities and Powers[]


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After the Shaman Fight in Tokyo, Mikihisa became Redseb's new guardian spirit.



Redseb originates from the Middle East and was born on August 15, 1992.

Shaman Fights Second Round[]

Invading the Plants[]

During the barbecue, while everyone was distracted, Redseb and Seyrarm escaped to the Mu continent using the Golem. When they attacked Hao using the Golem, he used the Spirit of Fire to counterattack and kill them. Seyrarm however could still control the Golem even after death so Hao had the Spirit of Fire devour her soul. Afterwards, Hao tells a shocked Redseb to give a message to Yoh. When Redseb finds Yoh, it turns out that the message Hao sent was the Spirit of Fire, the message was that Yoh could have it because he didn't need it anymore as he was at the point of receiving the Great Spirit as his spirit.

Funbari no Uta[]

After the end of the Shaman Fight, both Redseb and Seyrarm are brought back to life and adopted by the Asakura Family. Therefore, their surname was changed to Asakura Munzer. Redseb develops a sense of style similar to Yoh's.


Redseb as he appears in Flowers

As adults, Redseb and his sister have become florists. They have a good relationship with Asakura Hana, and Rebseb teaches Hana about flowers.[4]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

Redseb is a major character in the manga and the 2021 anime, while only having small cameos in the 2001 anime with no voice role. At the very end of 2001 series, Seyrarm and Redseb are seen briefly, albeit with blonde hair and green eyes when the Spirit of Fire consumed the Great Spirit. They are seen one more time, sitting on the Golem watching the Destiny Star fly by.[5]


  • The English dub of the 2021 anime pronounces his name as "Ludsev", however the official subtilties spell it as "Redseb".


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