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Asakura Yoh (麻倉 葉 Asakura Yō) is the main protagonist in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. He is the main heir of the Asakura Family and the maternal twin brother of the series main antagonist Asakura Hao. During the Shaman Fights in the year 2000, he becomes a member and the leader of Team "Funbari Onsen". Sometime after the tournament, Yoh marries his longtime fiancé, Kyōyama Anna and together they had a son, named Asakura Hana.


Asakura Yoh in his second battle uniform

Asakura Yoh is 13 years old at the beginning of the Shaman King series and a normal teenage boy. He has neck-length dark brown hair and he is constantly seen wearing a pair of orange headphones behind or on his ears. He normally wears his school uniform with his shirt constantly open but when it gets cold he will button up his shirt, wear a necktie and the standard school uniform jacket.

In combat, he wore a black vest and trimmed shorts with an orange lining, and wrap-up sandals. During the second round of the Shaman Fights, he is depicted wearing a shirt with a Funbari Onsen advertisement on it and sweatpants with sandals, and long black trousers, also with wrap up sandals.

In between the battles of the Second Round of the Shaman Fights, he wore a yukata, a blue robe tied together with an orange sash around the waist, where he keeps Amidamaru's memory tablet. Around his chest of his robes is yet another advertisement for Funbari Onsen and over his shoulders, he also wears a black cape.[1]

Around the age of 17 and when Hana was still only a baby, he began to dress in jeans pants, a short-sleeved white t-shirt and a plaid printed scarf. His hair was slightly longer and just past his shoulders. At the age of 22 Yoh's hair is now waist length and wavier. He no longer wears his orange-colored headphones and bear claw necklace and instead of an open shirt, he now wears a plain white t-shirt. Attached to his orange pants is one of Hao's star earrings and he now wears brown leather sandals.


As a slacker by nature, Yoh maintains a carefree, laid-back attitude about everything, even with achieving his goal of becoming Shaman King. Because he was alienated by everyone outside of the family he instead chose to bond with spirits and has decided that anyone who can see spirits cannot be evil.

Although generally seen as lazy and uncaring to most things, Yoh holds wisdom well beyond his age as he thinks outside common norms and principles, with many people being unable to read his flexible and unique nature. While his comments and general demeanour give an impression of irresponsibility and lack of commitment which has often infuriated others, Yoh operates out of a sense of empathy. He does his utmost to help others (and himself) to stop carrying unnecessary burdens that wear oneself down, and potentially lead to self-destruction, something that is not initially perceived at first glance from his attitude, but has caused the many people he has met to start questioning themselves and the path they should follow. His signature phrase "Everything will work out" (なんとかなる nantoka naru) is a means by which he believes things will eventually turn out for the better, without stressing oneself unnecessarily over the things they are able to handle. Despite not looking like it, Yoh acts seriously in mostly all instances, but always trying to keep true to himself.

Because of his empathic nature, Yoh is rarely on bad terms with anyone and always decides to make friends with the people he meets. He cares deeply about his friends, even at one point quitting from the Shaman Fight out of a deal with Iron Maiden Jeanne to revive Tao Ren. Although he deep down disliked the idea of abandoning the fight, he nonetheless resolved himself, as he could not be at peace with himself knowing his friend was dead while being able to do something. It is also as a result of his empathy that he is able to try and understand his opponents' reasonings and motivations, comprehending their stances, but also showing where such beliefs might be misplaced and downright damaging to others and themselves.

Despite of this, Yoh is openly against senseless violence and indiscriminate murder, showing uncharacteristic rage when people's lives are lost. He vehemently disagrees with the idea of revenge, as he believes it is an endless cycle of mutual hatred that only causes harm and never brings any conclusion or satisfaction and even drag third parties into the struggle, which will subsequently seek revenge on their wrongdoers in a never ending pool of spilled blood and conflict. He nonetheless, understands that actions have consequences and that such displays of irrational hatred will find themselves reversed, although he doesn't personally approve of such outcomes full of misery. It is because of these beliefs, that Yoh does in fact hold a negative view of humanity as well, as it is their greedy, self-centered nature that has caused great harm to the world for no real reason, but nonetheless doesn't succumb to the same levels of extreme misanthropy as Hao.

Even though it is rarely seen, Yoh truly loves Anna and has decided that, when he becomes Shaman King, he will make her life easy. Simply by seeing her face for the first time, it made him blush. Before he left for America for the Shaman Fight, Anna asked him "Tonight... may I sleep beside you?" and his response was "Yes."[2]

Abilities and Powers

Ever since Anna became his fiancée, Yoh has constantly been submitted to exhausting and painful training which in turn caused him to gain a tougher and stronger body. During the battle, he is very flexible, intuitive, and completely relaxed and calm at the same time. It is due to this relaxed and calm attitude that he learns to negate Furyoku attacks, a skill that is likened to a grass straw bending with the wind to avoid breaking. He later develops this skill into a technique that completely nullifies Furyoku and he learns to channel it through his Over Soul or using it by grabbing his opponent directly for more devastating effects.

Yoh becomes one of the Five Elemental Warriors and attunes his Furyoku to that of earth, this is first shown as he used metal to survive the lightning attack from Tao Ren. While fighting his way through the Plants, Kyōyama Anna looked through the Furyoku values of Yoh and the others. There it is revealed that his Furyoku is about 108,000.[3]

Shamanic Spells

As a shaman, Yoh has learned many techniques, amongst others from his grandfather, Anna, the cat spirit Matamune, and the Gandhara teams.

  • Ko-Oni Strike (小鬼ストライク Ko'oni Sutoraiku): One of the Asakura Family's onmyôji magic, Yoh summons small spirits from leaves; however, he never truly mastered the technique but displayed the capacity to use it at age 10, under the tutelage of his grandfather.[4] At best, he could only invoke three from the leaves.[5]
  • Sankiraimon (三帰礼文 , literally meaning "Three Refuges Prayer"): A sutra (お経 Okyō) taught to him by Anna, it is a Buddhist exorcism chant that will send any spirit with knowledge of Buddhism who hears it to the hereafter. However, the sutra does not work on spirits from different cultures.[6]
  • Fumon Tonkō (巫門遁甲 Fumon Tonkō, Shamanic Oracle in the English manga): One of many spells Yoh learned from the Chō-Senjiryakketsu. Using this spell enables one to read the flow of Furyoku and determine its course. Effective use can render most magical attacks ineffective.
  • Ultra Senji Ryakketsu: Mikazuki no Harae (超·占事略決 三日月ミカヅキハラエ Chō Senji Ryakuketsu Mikazuki no Harae, literally meaning "Full Moon Purification"): This was secret exorcist magic left to Yoh by Matamune, to help vanquish the Oh-Oni that Anna created. This magic depleted the reserve Furyoku within Matamune, and as a result, sent him to the hereafter.


See More: Harusame

Harusame was the personal sword of Amidamaru when he was still alive.[7] Yoh acquired it after defeating Tokageroh, who had stolen it from the museum to get revenge against Amidamaru. Yoh later uses the Harusame as the main medium for his Over Souls.

See More: Futunomitama no Turugi

The Futunomitama no Turugi is a red knife-shaped rock that has been owned by the Asakura Family ever since the time of Asakura Hao. It was once owned by a sword god and even though it is only made of rock, it is the perfect medium to create a sword Over Soul.[8]


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Amidamaru and Futunomitama no Turugi

Amidamaru is a 600-year old samurai that is Yoh's first guardian ghost. Always sticking by Yoh's side, Amidamaru is loyal and trustworthy and can enter Yoh's body through Hyōi-Gattai and later the Over Soul. Amidamaru is very powerful but quite taciturn and extremely devoted to Yoh calling him "Yō-Dono"(Master Yoh in the English version).

During the second round of the Shaman Fights, the Gandhara determined that Yoh was one of the Five Elemental Warriors and according to Pascal Avaf, Yoh was destined to use the Spirit of Earth as its ability is to create metal.[9]. Yoh has only been seen using the Spirit of Earth to create gravity fields as a way of protecting himself and others from various attacks.



Young Yoh

Yoh Originating from Izumo Shimane, Japan and born on May 12, 1985. [10] to Asakura Mikihisa, an ascetic monk, and Asakura Keiko, a Miko. He spent most of his early childhood living in Izumo with his mother, while his father's apprentice Tamao and his grandfather, Yohmei, who helped raise him in the family ways of shamanic. For the most part, during his childhood Yoh was rather lonesome, having virtually no friends outside his family and the spirits because of his shamanic heritage. Yoh was regularly an outcast by normal people, alienated because of his powers so he spends most of his time listening to music by his favorite artist, SOUL BOB. However, he always envisioned a better life for himself. This became his motivation to become Shaman King. Yoh’s ambitions to become Shaman King began at age four when his grandfather told him about the Great Spirit and Yoh being the slacker that he was sawing the possibility of an easy life and, from that day, decided to become Shaman King.

His training progressed slowly, but at age ten, Yoh was told of his engagement to the young Itako, named Kyōyama Anna. It was at this time that he also gained his first Guardian Ghost, Matamune of the Cats--a cat spirit who had served the Asakura house for over a thousand years. At Yoh's grandfather's request, Matamune returned from the underworld to escort Yoh to Ozorenzan, where he was to meet Anna, who had just finished her Itako training with Yoh's grandmother, Asakura Kino. On his first day in Osorezan, Yoh encounters a young girl who receives him in a cool reception, leaving Yoh reeling. Awhile after, he was attacked by an Oni. on the streets, only to be saved by Matamune. Despite this, the two would eventually arrive at Yoh's grandmother's home and was properly introduced to his fiancée who turned out to be the girl from earlier, much to Yoh's shock and surprise. Though upset at first, Yoh slowly uncovers the mystery behind Anna and her powers as a Reishi. During a battle with an Oni, Yoh's bravery coaxed emotion from Anna, whose negative emotions formed the Oni, and dissolved it, though it cost Matamune the last of the Reyoku, causing him to disappear.

Coming to Tokyo

When Yoh moved to Funbari Hills to participate in the Shaman Fight in Tokyo and to find a ghost of his own. There he met the first friends he ever had Oyamada Manta, at the Funbari Hill cemetery after he enrolled at Funbari ga Oka, the same school as Manta. He fought with Ryu who had beaten Manta up, with the help of Amidamaru, Yoh used Hyōi-Gattai to merge with Amidamaru and to defeat Ryu, that was the time that Yoh choose Amidamaru to be his partner. However much to Yoh's disappointment Amidamaru declines.

Manta drags Yoh along and told Yoh that it was not a good idea to be partnered up with Amidamaru, Yoh felt no evil in him and try to discover why he declined. When they arrive at the Funbari Local Museum they both see the old and rusted Harusame sword and later at night they find Mosuke crying in which he crafted the sword. He starts explaining the past about his promise and that both waited 600 years. Yoh merges with Mosuke to craft the new sword for Amidamaru for the promise and show the newly crafted sword to him. Amidamaru then decides that he partners up with Yoh. Yoh later returned the Harusame back at the museum.

They have many adventures together like freeing an angry earthbound spirit from a billboard, rescuing children from a fire, and stopping a bully from throwing his life away.

Shaman Fights in Tokyo

Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants from the Patch tribe encounters Yoh at Amidamaru's gravesite and challenges him to a test to gain entry to the Shaman Fights. In order to acquire the Oracle Bell that will function as a permit, Yoh will have to hit Silva just once. Yoh accepts and the battle commences.

Yoh's uncontrolled Over Soul

Yoh quickly integrates Amidamaru into himself and goes in to strike, but hits Silva's O.S. Silver Shield and wonders what happened. Silva explains the Over Soul concept and strikes back with both Silver Horn, Silver Tail, and Silver Rod, slamming Yoh into the ground. However, Yoh figures out how to use the Over Soul and places Amidamaru inside the Harusame. It succeeds and creates an overflowing uncontrolled version of his very first Over Soul. Seeing this Silva swaps the Silver Arms to his O.S. Totem Pole Cannon formation and fires a blast of Furyoku. With the muscle memory gained from being fused with Amidamaru so many times, Yoh uses the Buddha-Strike and deflects Silva's attack right back at him. This act makes a cut in Silva's headband, thus hitting him and earns him the Oracle Bell and the right to participate in the Shaman Fights.

When Yoh returns home Anna chastises him for the Oracle Bell, thinking it's a pager and the hair on him, thinking he was with another woman. To prove her wrong Yoh decides to show her his Over Soul but fails because he is out of Furyoku. Yoh is about to be beaten by Anna, but the Oracle Bell beeps and Yoh is given his first match against someone named HoroHoro, taking place in the middle of an open square.

Yoh Vs. Horohoro

Before the fights start Yoh is given a battle costume from Anna something he openly complains about until Anna says she spends all night personally sewing it. Suddenly a voice calls out for Yoh above them and Horohoro drops sixty stories high and attacks Yoh to get his Over Soul working. The fight begins with Horohoro attacking, who at first dominated the match. After a while Yoh asks him what his dream is, to which Horohoro tells him his dream to create a massive field of butterbur. Yoh cries for him and considers forfeiting until Anna knocks Yoh back to his senses. The battle resumes and Horohoro attacks head-on but Yoh is ready for him. Yoh quickly counters everything Horohoro can dish out to the point where Yoh melts down all of the Musso Kurppe Horohoro had. Horohoro uses his most powerful attack of a massive avalanche. It worked to a point but Yoh busted through it and struck Horohoro ending the match and allowing Yoh to win his first match.

Yoh is put up against Johann Faust VIII in his second match of the Shaman Fight. Yoh ends up in Yokohama Cemetery for his next match Anna left with Silva to do something. Faust arrives and gave greetings to Yoh, and then proceeds to enthrall both Manta and Yoh with his history. He then pulls out Eliza Faust's skeletal remains while Manta runs off. Manta is however easily captured by Faust and is cut open. As Yoh goes through the summoned skeletons to hit Faust and rescues Manta, the Bell beeps announcing the start of the fight. Yoh worries about his friend but can not do anything but wrap a jacket around Manta's wound. Yoh fights Faust's undead skeletal soldiers but usees most of his Furyoku up. Silva finally shows up but cannot interfere because of the rules of the fight.

Faust focuses his Furyoku into Eliza while breaking three ribs and puncturing Yoh's left lung. Yoh tries to turn the tables on Faust's strategy against him and but can not fight off Faust's full power. Faust finally charges all of his Furyoku into Eliza and charges straight at Yoh who is able to cut down Eliza's legs. Yoh, however, looses as he runs out of Furyoku and is unable to maintain his Over Soul. this made Faust angered by a previous comment from Yoh about Eliza then attacks again but this time with a twenty-two-ton giant skeleton. just then Ren saves him and tells Yoh to train since they both will fight once more in three months.

Yoh winds up at the hospital after the fight to treat his injuries. Manta goes to his room and Yoh said that he didn't want to be Manta's best friend anymore causing Manta to run away. Yoh explains to Anna that he really did not want to do that but had to since he did not want to put Manta in such great danger.

As Yoh goes back home to Izumo the next day for training. Yoh meets his grandfather at the family mansion and tells him what he needs to do. Yohmei explains that Yoh must die and leads him to the Yomi Cave. He would wander the cave for seven days and nights with none of his five senses. He emerges seven days later to see Anna, Tamao, Manta, Ryu, and Amidamaru. Yoh is his usual self after emerging and Anna asks why he is not half dead to which Yoh answers it does not matter. The next day Yohmei gives Yoh one last test to strike down all his Shikigami. Yoh does so in one hit and gains a new Over Soul. Amidamaru starts talking out of nowhere and this makes Yoh panic. Yohmei explains that his Over Soul is on a much higher plane than before so Amidamaru can talk in Over Soul form. As Yoh leaves Izumo the next day full of confidence that he would win for sure.

Yoh prepares for his fight against Tao Ren and heads out to the location which is Mata Cemetery in West Tokyo. He waits with Manta until Ren shows up with a grand entrance, on a horse, and then taunts Yoh. Amidamaru and Bason attack each other and Ren dismounts his horse. The Oracle Bell rings and the match begins with Ren attacking Yoh violently. After a long series of furies and violent attacks, Ren is finally able to strike Yoh from a blind spot but Yoh easily blocks it and a shocked Ren wonders how he was able to see that. Suddenly Amidamaru opens his eyes and explains to Ren that Yoh also got his eyes. This opening allows Yoh to use a Buddha-strike finally breaking Ren's Over Soul.

Instead of just recreating his Over Soul though, Ren powers up his Over Soul and manifests Bason's entire upper body, except for the arms, on his Guandao. Charging straight towards Yoh, Ren smashed his Over Soul down on him like a hammer and proceeds to throw him into the air through his second attack is blocked. Ren materializing Bason's arms and slams Yoh into the ground. Yoh loses his Over Soul, but quickly recovers and Ren furiously continues his attacks against Yoh

Yoh and Ren prepare the Final Attack

Yoh realizes that Ren is using more Furyoku in his Over Soul than he is and Amidamaru says Yoh must power up but Yoh says that he will stay as he is now and trust in Amidamaru. Ren seizes the opportunity and strikes but Yoh gets through it and destroys Ren's big Over Soul forcing him to lose a lot of Furyoku in one shot. Ren is quite furious about the loss and attacks again but does not know his attacks are landing. Yoh loses four Over Souls but stays calm. Ren has had enough and uses his horse and Bason at full power and goes in for the kill. Yoh counters with his own powered-up Over Soul and they both crash. Both Ren's and Yoh's Over Souls are destroyed at the same time and the match ends in a draw. Silva appears and tells them they have both passed to the second round. Yoh is overjoyed that he has passed and does not have to be punished by Anna. Yoh and Ren go to the opening ceremony and take a much-deserved break from fighting.

Yoh, Horohoro, Ren, Anna, Tamao, Pirika, and all the spirits are at Yoh's celebrating their entrance to the shaman fight. They party for most of the night. Ren leaves that night to head back to China and Yoh sees him off. A few days later Two Buddhist monks show up at Izumo. Yoh and Tamao believe that they are just normal monks asking for cash until they send Ponchi and Conchi to heaven. Yoh asks who they are and they capture Amidimaru's Memorial tablet explaining that they are the BoZ Brothers and they want to be Shaman King. Yoh attacks them to try to get back what they stole but is pinned down by the brother's spirits. Yoh busts through most of them but the BoZ keep using more and more Over Souls knocking Yoh down. The BoZ move in for the kill but Ryu shows up cutting down all of the Over Souls. Ryu reveals he is now a fully trained shaman and has won two matches already. The BoZ interrupt and try telling him their name but are cut down and the car they use is now in two pieces, forcing them to run

Bason all of a sudden crashes into the house and tells everyone that Ren has been imprisoned by his father. Bason explains some of what happened and disappears looking like he died again but reappears apologizing that he got carried away. Yoh quickly goes to China straight to the Tao compound.

Yoh, Ryu, Manta, Horohoro, and Bason enter the Tao compound and are greeted by Tao Yúan's elite Jiang Shi. One of them cut Ryu's hair in two while the other attack Yoh and company but Horohoro move them to a safe spot. After Horohoro and Ryu manage to take down one each, they tell Yoh to find Ren while they handle the rest.

Finding both Ren and Jun in the dungeon, Yoh frees both of them and on their way back up defeat the Torture Brothers together with Ren. As they reach the entrance they find that both Horohoro and Ryu have been defeated by the remaining Jiang Shi that Manta identifies as Shamon, who also easily got the upper hand against Ren and Yoh, They are both saved by the arrival of Jun and Pyron who defeated with a single blow.

As they go upstairs they are confronted by the gigantic Yúan who appears before him out of nowhere. Even though they all attack him violently he continues to regenerate from the impossible wounds and easily beats them up. It is only when Ren regains his "path" that he is able to see through the gigantic body, revealing it to be nothing but a mere Over Soul.

The night before Yoh leaves, Anna asks him if she could sleep with him, and Yoh accepts.

Traveling Through America

Yoh goes to the military base to go to the next point. He meets many Shamans that have passed the first round. Ren is there too, eating Takoyaki. The gang takes a break before the next test and come across Hao. Hao tells them to be prepared for a plane ride. Hao hits Horohoro so fast the gang could not sense it. Ren Over Souls and tries hitting Hao but misses because of the Spirit of Fire. Hao allies appear and they leave. The gang talks about what just happened and notice the Patch plane. Yoh is in his own world wondering why Hao looks like him. They all get on the plane and go to America. Goldva announces that the Over Soul plane will disappear soon and force the shamans to find the way to the Patch village on their own.

The plane disappears and the gang is dropped on Route 66, they survived the drop by using their Over Souls before they hit the ground and letting it take the damage. Amidamaru tries finding a town but can not find anything but the road. Ryu uses Big Thumb Over Soul to get Billy. Amidimaru marvels at the American West and Yoh likes it saying that it is good just going somewhere for change and is kind of like an adventure.

They go to the next town and find Lilirara who shows them the Patch Hao's past. They stay the night at her house and she hands them a map of their next destination. The gang goes to a hotel and sleep there for the night. The gang meets Lyserg Diethel the next day. Lyserg defeats Ren and Horohoro with ease. Yoh stops Lyserg when he attacks him. Lyserg is not done and uses the big ben wireframe. Yoh destroys it with help from Amidimaru. Yoh allows Lyserg to join them later.

They finally get to the Patch Village after a few days and adventures. Just outside the village, the gang encounters Hao's followers. The followers remark how much Asakura Yoh resembles Asakura Hao. Boris Tepes Dracula attacks but Ryu takes him down. Yoh climbs to where Boris landed and is appalled by what happened next. The X-Laws killed Boris and takedown Bill. Yoh stops the X-laws before they can kill him. Yoh attacks Marco Lasso for being a hairbreadth from killing Bill but Harsuame was broken in the process. Marco lets him live for being brave enough to fight him. The X-laws leave with Lyserg being happy at what the X-laws did. The gang takes Bill and goes to the Patch Village. The gang wanders underground for a while but realize that the path they took was so full of twists and turns that they got lost. They realize it was instinctual that they were lead there. Bill wakes up and tells the group that something bigger is coming and why the Patch put so many twists and turns. Bill then faints again and they finally enter patch village.

Shaman Fights Second Round

Yoh has a dream and wakes up in the Patch Restoration Chamber. Yoh shakes his head to clear it and finds Silva. Silva explains that the dream was a mere vision of the great spirit. Yoh sees the great spirit for the first time and gains great knowledge about the past, present, and future of the earth and he realizes the great spirit is a shapeless mass of trillions of ghosts and spirits. Yoh nearly faints again from the stress of the Great Spirit's power. Silva catches him and offers him some soup to calm his nerves and recover. Yoh is led out and sees Ryu and Horohoro. Ren is outside staring straight into the Great Spirit. Yoh and company roam the Patch Village for food and watching the competition.

Yoh and company wander past a gift shop and hear Anna complaining about a keychain. Yoh is alarmed by this and tells Anna to pay full price. Anna chastises him for his manner of dress and tells him about Manta and Tamao being inside the village. Chocolove appears and explains that the next part of the fight will be a three on three-team battle. Chocolove also explains the three powers in this fight Hao's teams, the X-Laws, and the Buddhist Monk Faction of Gandhara. Anna realizes this fight will not be as easy as they thought. Ren puts his team together on the spot and goes off to register. Ryu wants Lyserg to be the final member of their team, but neither he nor anyone else has seen him or is able to find him.

Anna suggests Faust knowing what he can do in battle. They go to find a team member but find Faust with Manta on his lap. Faust asks if he can join them but is shot down by Ryu demanding that Lyserg be their final member. Faust leaves with Manta still on his lap.

The next three months were uneventful though they did get Faust to join and they master Hao's book. The team enters the fight as Team "Funabari Onsen". The Team is put up against Team "Iceman". Before the fight even starts Yoh uses his power to give a show of the "Spirit of Sword". Pino of the Iceman is thinking over the battle but the fight starts. The Iceman start fighting and targets Faust but is beaten back by Faust's new massive Over Soul O.S. Mephisto E. The Iceman target Ryu next but is also beaten back by the massive Over Soul O.S. Yamato no Orochi Go. Pino is frightened and backs off and he decides to attack Yoh. Yoh is blasted with a frozen shockwave. The attack does nothing and Yoh is fine due to the techniques he learns from Hao's book. Yoh tells the Icemen to come once more at full power.

The Iceman oblige with their most powerful move. Yoh uses his spirit of sword and defeats the Iceman. The gang celebrates with the Icemen and enjoy a break before they fight again.

Yoh suddenly arrives to save Team Ren from one of Hao's teams with a single slice of his Over Soul. Manta, following Yoh's instructions, brings the Iron Maiden to resurrect Ren. Horohoro leaves in frustration after hearing Yoh's deal with the X-laws, stating that he will kill Yoh if Ren is still dead. Jeanne tells Yoh that he is to withdraw from the competition in return for Ren's resurrection. Yoh agrees to these terms, surprising Marco. Team Funbari Hot Springs leaves the X-laws to fulfill their side.

Hao upon learning of Yoh's withdrawal sends Opacho on her first errand to ensure that Yoh stays in the Shaman Fight or else he will destroy the Golem and the children. Anna and Amidamaru convince Yoh to follow his heart. Leading to his confrontation with the X-laws. Using an Over Soul of himself with Mikihisa's spirits as a decoy, Yoh obliterates the angels and comes close to attacking the shamans themselves. However, Lyserg and Marco stop him. Only to get assistance from Luchist with his angel, Lucifer who quickly turns the tides. Yoh reveals that Marco's "masterpiece" is actually Jeanne and that Luchist plans to destroy the X-laws completely.

He tells Lyserg to create an Over Soul of himself using Mikihisa's spirits and Jeanne. While using Zeruel to bring Jeanne from her underwater torture. Yoh distracts Luchist from Marco only to be at his mercy. Shamash saves Yoh, who is relieved not to be executed. They destroy Lucifer which causes Luchist to faint.

After witnessing the new Over Souls from Team "The Ren", Yoh leaves immediately with Faust and Ryu for some serious training. After the training, Ryu comments on how awesome Yoh's new Over Soul is. Sati suddenly appears beside them and reveals that Yoh is to be one of the five warriors. She challenges Yoh to a fight but because time is running out, she uses a mantra and sends Yoh to Hell.

In Hell, Amidamaru and even Harusame appear next to Yoh. When they are greeted by the Oh-Oni from the past, Yoh believes the Matamune is there as well but does not find him. Yoh is led to the first level of Hell where Oh-Oni leaves Yoh to fight his next opponent. On the top of the stairs, he meets a person who looks similar to his father. Yoh cuts off his mask and calls him an imposter. The stranger replies that he is no imposter but the one and only Asakura Yohken. The very person who defeated Hao way back in 500 years ago.

Yohken quickly shouts to Matamune and he uses Ogre Slayer to tear through Yoh's arms. Yoh realizes that it is through willpower and thought that allowed Yohken to summon the Ogre Slayer. Using it himself, he is able to heal his arms and summon the Futunomitama no Turugi. He comments on how similar it is to an Over Soul and attacks Yohken with his new Over Soul: Spirit of the Sword: White Swan. With Harusame in his right hand as a sword and Futsu-no-Mitama on his left hand as a shield, Yohken realizes the power of such a combination and is pleased to finally face a worthy opponent.

Yohken retorts to using his most powerful technique the Dai Tengu. Somehow, Yoh counters the maneuver with his new technique: Amida-style: Na-Avidya. With it, Yoh purifies the Tengu and wins the fight. Only then does he ask to talk with Yohken and eventually Yohken realizes his arrogance made him blind to his situation. Suddenly, a Cho-Oni crushes Yohken's spirit and Yoh loses it. He crushes all the Onis except for one who is amazed by Yoh's spirit and tells him to go to Enma Daioh.

Yoh is eventually resurrected by Faust just as Ryu begins to attack Hao's men. Yoh takes down them with relative ease even though they were given immense strength from the Star Festival. Afterward, Yoh tracks down Anna in the forest where she under attack by Hao. Yoh convinces Hao to stop and the two have coffee together.

Before Team "Funbari Onsen" goes up against Team "The Ren", Ren announces how foolish Yoh is and that Hao will not except mercy from him. During the match, Yoh reveals his belief that Hao has no friends and is quickly attacked by Horohoro. Ryu intercepts him but loses his arms to his ice attack. Faust tries to heal Ryu but Ren fires a lightning bolt through him. With only Yoh able to fight he unveils his Over Soul and counters with Na-Avidya. Ren and Horohoro team up and take down Yoh. However, Yoh keeps coming back up because Ren did not have the heart to kill him.

The fight is eventually interrupted by the return of Lyserg and the rest of Team "X-I". Sati also appears and announced that Team "Kabbalahers" and her own Team forfeit and knowing that Team "Hana-Gumi" would do the same against Team "Hoshi-Gumi" both Team "Funbari Onsen" and Team "The Ren" gains a spot in the finals thus ending the fight.

Invading the Plants

Yoh, Ren, Horohoro, Ryu, Lyserg, Faust, Opacho, Chocolove, and Jeanne entered the Patch Plants in hopes of stopping Hao from becoming Shaman King. Yoh and the company entered the doors of the plants and encountered Silva. Yoh fought Silva with his second Over Soul and Yoh nearly won but Silva used the Patch song to increase his power and ignore wounds. he had to use his newly learned armor Over Soul and knocked out Silva. Silva awoke and wondered why he was not dead.

He managed to convey his desire not to kill unless he had to and Silva let them go into the plants. Yoh does not have much of a role in the plants until the lake plant where he took Faust's place after Faust had lost to the Patch Official Radim and then the grassland plant when he heals Horohoro of his injuries by placing the spirit of Faust in his body.

As the group finally arrives at the 10th and final "Plant of the Universe" they realize that there is no oxygen and no gravity and begin to wonder how they are supposed to fight in there. At first, Lyserg suggests that they all protect themselves with their own personal O.S. but Ryu suddenly interrupts and suggests that they all use the heads of his O.S. Yamato No Orochi so that the rest can fight at full strength. As Ren questions the responsibility he would suddenly have he says that he wants to be useful too as the seven is currently his best place.[11]

When Hao finally awakens he sends a message to the Oracle Bells that reads "'so small".

He enters the final plant and effortlessly kills everyone with a simple glance, excluding Rutherfor, Opacho and Yoh. Opacho commented that the Hao she knew wasn't here anymore and Yoh was able to deduce that Hao was controlling his body even though his spirit had already moved on as the Shaman King. Yoh then states that this Hao is nothing but a walking dead corpse and decapitates it.[12] Hao, however, doesn't die most likely due to being omnipotent after his merge with the Great Spirit.

After he grins, Yoh's soul and Amidamaru are seen being absorbed by Hao. When Yoh wakes up, he realizes he must be inside the Great Spirit and Hao appears, revealing that he's actually inside him and in the highest society of the Great Spirit, the society of the Shaman King where only people Hao wishes to enter may come. The two start a conversation during which Yoh reveals that he too dislikes humans because they really are destroying the Earth. But he also admits that he could never go as far as to kill them, so Hao orders him to leave. Somehow Yoh isn't banished and Tao Ren, Lyserg Diethel, Chocolove McDonell and Usui Horokeu appear too. A fierce battle between the 5 Elemental Warriors and the Shaman King begins, only they are evenly matched by the Great Spirit`s Over Soul. Before Hao can destroy the Elemental Warriors with a black hole, the Soul Train appears to anchor the five. Yoh is able to calm down Hao and tells him that his late mother was always beside him as a spirit. After Hao recounciles with his mother, he lets everyone return to Earth but told Yoh that he still hates humankind, only will let them sort out their problems before he passes judgment, and not to be so impertinent.

Funbari no Uta

During the time skip between the main series and Funbari no Uta, Anna has married Yoh and has given birth to a boy named Asakura Hana. She and Yoh begin traveling the world with their infant son, but while in the Middle East they were killed and ended up in Hao's realm in the Great Spirit. There Anna forces him to revive all three of them through blackmail. Hao does so while implanting Oni's into Hana to act as a fail-safe to prevent him from dying. Sometime after this Hana is given to Tamao to be raised under her care and after Anna and Yoh have been away for a long time, Hana comes to believe Tamao is his real mother. Anna was briefly seen in the Funbari no Uta walking with an adult Asakura Yoh, from the Funbari Hill station back to the Inn.[13]

22-year-old Yoh

When Yoh and Anna finally arrive in Funbari they get lost in the airport, something that greatly annoys Ren when he learns of it and calls for Ryu to pick them up. When Chocolove, Ren, and Horohoro discuss their last encounter with Hao, Yoh and Anna finally arrive and Yoh says his catchphrase that "everything will work out in the end" and says that it will because that is what they promised him.[14] Yoh is revealed to have grown very tall and his hair is extremely long. He then awkwardly tries to apologize for his and Anna's absence by saying that they had things to do all around the world and could not come back earlier. At first, Hana seems to be in tears and even stutters the word "daddy" but suddenly attacks Yoh with a Welcome Home Kick right to his gut.

The Five Warriors and Manta reunite.

As they return to the Funbari Inn, Yoh and Anna sit down at the shrine of their dead friends and family and make their prayers. Towards the end, Ryu prepares a feast and they are all seen having a party together and even Manta arrives at the joy of everyone except Ren who was attacking Horohoro.

Later during the night, a parcel arrives from the Patch Village and Anna comes in to reveal it is a book over the Shaman Fights that had transpired in Tokyo. She says that their battle has not yet ended and that they should remember that the next Shaman Fights are only half a millennium away. When Yoh, lying in front of her, says that it was so far ahead in time that even the Oh-Oni would laugh at her she stomps on his face and calls him naïve. As the group muses over who could have written it, Yoh gets up and asks Anna directly while tending to his sore cheek. She says that the next fight maybe five centuries away but she still wants one of the Asakura descendants to take the Shaman King crown, and orders Yoh to start reading it. She gives Yoh a death glare and says that he dare not forget the promise he made her.


He is only mentioned by name and appears in a flashback and a 13-year-old version of himself is summoned by his brother, Hao, to test his son who is the same age.

Anime/Manga Difference


  • The kanji for Yoh's name 葉 means "leaf" in Japanese.
    • His name "Yoh" alternatively means "Yo", the North American slang interjection of greeting.
  • His orange colored headphones were actually "stolen" or at least, taken without permission from his father, Asakura Mikihisa. In addition, the Soul Bob records were initially Mikihisa's and Yoh took them along with the headphones.
  • He and Anna got married after finishing middle school.


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