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Asakura Yohane (麻倉 葉羽 Asakura Yōhane) is a fictional character in the Shaman King Flowers manga series. He is a branch member of the Asakura Family.


Yohane has short black hair and wears an all-black school uniform. In his initial appearance he had a silver eye-patch with a star pattern on it covering his right eye which is one of Hao's earrings, but later, when he met with Hana, he wore glasses instead. He is commonly seen carrying a black umbrella, which is his medium for his Over Soul.

When in battle he change his glasses to the silver eye-patch and puts on an armband and a pair of black gloves. His eye-patch is actually one of Asakura Hao's earrings, that was collected from his severed head on the Continent of by an unknown person.


Though he is from a branch family, he, like his older sister Asakura Luca, believe they have more pureblood and is stronger than the heir to the main family.

Yohane himself claims that he was raised for the sole purpose of defeating the main house[1] and he wish to become the new successor to the Asakura Family by killing its main heir, thus he targets Asakura Hana.

In reality, Yohane is a shy boy who was isolated and knows nothing of the modern world. Due to his battle outfit, mannerism and the way he speaks Hana claims that he suffers from Chūnibyō. After calling a truce with the main family, Yohane becomes more friendly towards Hana and wants to get along with him.

Abilities and Powers

As acknowledged by both his father and himself, his body is very weak and fragile, but he easily compensates for this by having an incredibly high amount of Furyoku, possibly even more than Hana, as stated by his sister.[2]

He is also a skilled shaman, being able to use Hyou-Gattai almost instantly and despite his weak body, he is still capable of using the skills of his samurai spirit to their fullest potential. Tao Men classify him as a speed-type.[3]


See More: Oboro Daikyoh

His guardian ghost is that of Oboro Daikyoh, a spirit that Amidamaru calls a Rōnin, a samurai without a master. Using his umbrella as a medium he is able to create an Over Soul that Amidamaru claims is on pair with Yoh's O.S. Spirit of Sword.



Born on February 22, 2001, he and his sister Luca were raised by their father, alone in the mountains of Kyoto without any friends or contact with the outside world. Yohane, in particular, was forced to endure rigorous training and much else unexpected of a child.


After finding the defeated Ichihara Ryuji, Yohane and Luca stand before Amidamaru's grave and break it in two. He waits at the cemetery all night and the next day upon Asakura Hana's discovery of the broken grave Yohane appears before him and challenges him to a fight. Yohane proceeds to reveal his guardian ghost Oboro Daikyoh and put on his battle cloth much to the amusement of Hana who breaks out into a fit of laughter.

Hana, however, regains his composure easily and is quick to attack Yohane, though Yohane is just at fast at using Hyoi-Gattai with Daikyoh and easily blocks Hana's attack. After gaining the upper hand against Hana and delivering a hard blow, Yohane reveals his Over Soul and his reasons to kill the heirs to the Asakura Family.

Hearing this, Hana takes out Futunomitama no Turugi in preparation for using his own Over Soul and easily blocks Yohane's attack with his own Over Soul. Hana's Over Soul suddenly begin to change its appearance and Hana warns a shocked Yohane that he will not hold back.

After only breaking Yohane's arm, Hana leaves, leaving Yohane to wonder how he lost. He apologizes to his older sister Asakura Luca when she arrives and reveals that his heart is hurt even more than his arm. Luca cradles him and tells him he is a good boy before swearing revenge against Hana for hurting Yohane.

Despite his broken arm, he joins Luca's attack on Hana the next night and attacks him from behind. He manages to pierce his stomach, but Hana can still stand, forcing the siblings to merge they're Over Souls and perform one last attack. But Hana is instead saved in the last minute the sudden appearance of Alumi Niumbirch who in turn also destroys the siblings merged Over Soul. As the Hana-Gumi Waitresses confront them as well, Luca recreates her Over Soul to help them escape.

After their father is attacked by Tamamura Tamao, he calls Yohane and has him enroll in the same school as Hana. As he is introduced, he tries to intimidate Hana as instructed by his sister but fails. On the roof of the school, he explains to Hana his reasons for attending school and declines a rematch due to his broken arm and because he believes that Hana has already beaten him.

Anime/Manga Difference

Yohane is a manga-only character.


The patch covering the left eye

  • When the character was first revealed, the eye-patch covered his left eye instead of his right.[4]
  • Like other men in the Asakura Family, his name contains the kanji for "leaf". The other kanji (羽) means "feather".


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