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Asakura Yohkyo (麻倉葉虚, Asakura Yōkyo) is a fictional character in the manga series Shaman King. He is the head of Branch Asakura Family.


Yohkyo's physical appearance bears resemblance to Onmyōji Asakura Hao, wearing traditional clothing similar to Hao. He is almost always seen covering his face with his hand.


He sees himself as a Yorishiro, an object capable of attracting spirits.[1] He is also very arrogant and wants to bring back the glory of the Asakura family in honor to the Shaman King Hao.

Abilities and Powers[]

He claims to possed the skills of an Onmyōji.


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He raised his children alone in the mountains without any friends and other kinds of contact to the outside world.[2] He rarely left the house, but amongst the few times he did, he once brought home an unknown spirit, given to him by an unknown person.[3]


After his children's failed attacks on Asakura Hana, Tamamura Tamao arrives at his house in Kyoto and proceed to crush it with Dai Tengu. After he appears in the ruble, Tamao begins to blackmail him and even though Yohkyo attempts to retaliate with his Over Soul, Tamao is still able to beat and humiliate him.

Tamao has Yohkyo reveal the real culprits behind the branch family attacks on the main family and somehow make them enter into a temporary truce until the beginning of the Flower of Maize. Sometime later Yohkyo have his children enrolled into the same school as their cousin Hana.[4]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

Yohkyo is a manga-only character.



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