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Asanoha (麻ノ葉)[1] is a fictional character in the Shaman King manga and anime series. She is the mother of Douji Asaha, who would later come to be known as Asakura Hao.


Asanoha was a beautiful woman who has long blond hair tied in a long ponytail with a white ribbon and she also had golden brown eyes. She is said to look like Anna.


She appears to be a loving mother but when mad and annoyed she acts likes Anna, who slaps Hao in the face. She is also quite wise, as she told her son that if hated humans, he hated himself, but if he shows mercy and pardons of what they done he is saved as well.



She once lived in a village, many people saw her talking to herself, although this was just because of her ability to see spirits. However at that time was it believed that such people were foxes in disguise, so they hired a Monk named Densen Hoshi to deal with her.

As his men found her small hut, they decided to tie her and burn down her, believing it would make her reveal her true form. Thus Asanoha, not being a fox, who was burned to death in the flames, leaving behind her infant son Asaha, who was being shunned as the "Demon Child" and "Son of the Fox".[2]

Invading the Plants[]

Asanoha appears in the Great Spirit and apologizes to everyone over her son's behavior. While Hao was saying that humans are the ones who killed her, she gives him the legendary left slap saying that "when you hate people you hate yourself, if you forgive them you are saved as she is not as weak as he thinks". She then hugs her son telling him that happiness, sadness, anger, hatred are what being alive means, and the first thing Hao should do as king is to love his people she then passionately smiles at him as he starts to let it go.[3]


  • She was based on Kuzunoha, the mother fox of Abe no Seimei.
  • Her name, asanoha, means "hemp leaf".
  • According to Lyserg and Hao himself, Kyōyama Anna greatly resembles his mother (especially when the former is at adulthood), which explains his apparent kindness towards her.
    • Also, just like Anna, she has a "legendary" left-handed slap.


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