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Awakened Nyan Nyan Dōshi
The Dynasty Fight



Yomigaeru Nyan Nyan Dōshi

Japan Air Date

December 5, 2001

English Air Date

December 4, 2004



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song


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Our Deadly Blows
The Invincible Tao Yúan

Awakened Nyan Nyan Dōshi (蘇る娘娘道士) is the 23rd episode of the anime series of Shaman King.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As Lee Pyron awakes in Jun's arms, Yoh and Ren are still fighting the last Gohukuseitai member. As Yoh, Ren, Ryu and Horohoro attack him, he is easily able to dodge all their attacks. As Manta recognizes the Jiang Shi's movements, he states that the Jiang Shi was in fact Shamon. As Yoh gets shocked. that the Jiang Shi reveals that he is indeed Shamon, but with a new, stronger body given to him by Tao Yúan. Shamon then lands multiple hits on Yoh and the others. As Yoh and the others don't seem to stand a chance, Shamon wants to finish Yoh. As Shamon dashes towards Yoh, just then Lee Pyron shows up and stops his former master from attacking Yoh. As Shamon dashes towards Jun to punish her for rebelling against her father, Lee Pyron is able to protect her and finally defeats Shamon.

As Ren and Jun tell everyone to leave now, Yoh refuses. Then, they get ambushed by a large Jiang Shi army. As everyone uses Hyoi Gattai, they are able to defeat the Jiang Shi army. As they arrive at the door of his father's room, Ren tells Yoh and the others on last time to leave now and stay safe, but Yoh later refuses again. As they enter Tao Yúan's main room, just then Tao Yúan appears out of nowhere and attack them immediately. As Ryu and Horohoro attack Tao Yúan, they miss and Tao Yúan appears behind them all of a sudden. Tao Yúan then beats both Ryu and Horohoro to the ground. As Ren calls his father a "monster", Tao Yúan turns to face both Yoh and Ren.

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