Battle of Gods
Lost Lyserg



Kamigami no Tatakai

Japan Air Date

May 1, 2002

English Air Date

January 24, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Northern Lights

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Battle of Gods(神々の闘い) is the 43rd episode of Shaman King the anime series.


As Jeanne wants to meet with Yoh to talk with him, Marco and Lyserg decide to escort her. Meanwhile as Yoh and the others have arrived at a town, Ren and Ryu notice that about everyone in the town is wearing an Oracle Bell. As Ren wonders why nobody is picking a fight to eliminate other Shaman Fight contenders, a man starts talking to them and tells that there are many strong Shaman there, so picking a careless fight might cause trouble for yourself. As Ren takes a walk to think about what the man said, Hao shows up. As Hao asks Ren to join forces, Ren refuses and as he wants to attack Hao, Manta stops him. As everyone else arrives as well, Hao leaves while stating that he eventually might make Ren his as well. Then, everyone gets ambushed by two Shamans, who think that they are Hao's subordinates. As Chocolove gets captured in a water cage by one of their attackers, Horohoro clashes with the other one of the enemy's. Then, the man from earlier shows up and tells his subordinates to stop fighting.

Meanwhile, Yoh and the others have run into a group of shaman called, Team "Niles",  who have captured the BoZ Brothers to lure out Hao. The BoZ Brothers then tell that they only ran away from Hao. As Team "Niles" state that their guardian ghosts are gods, Marco and Lyserg show up with Jeanne. As Yoh refuses to talk with Jeanne, then Team "Niles" pick a fight with the X-Laws to decide who are the real gods. As they take it out of the town, the X-Laws and Team "Niles" prepare to fight. As two members of Team "Niles" use their Over Soul, Lyserg steps forward and breaks their mediums with great ease, shocking Yoh. As Lyserg attacks the leader with the intention to kill him, Yoh runs forward to interrupt him, but he gets stopped by the man from earlier. As Lyserg's pendulum has almost reached its opponent, Morphine stops the attack at the moment when Yoh screams Lyserg's name. As Lyserg is surprised, Marco states that he is disappointed in him. Jeanna then states to the leader of Team "Niles". she has to fulfill justice for him by herself. Then, Jeanne comes out of the Iron maiden, partly covered in ivy thorns. As Jeanne has appeared and puts on her battle uniform to fight, everyone who is watching is impressed by her sudden first appearance. As the leader of Team "Niles" attacks her, she captures him in a cage created by her guardian ghost, Shamash. As she captures the other two opponents as well and returns to the Iron Madain, she orders Shamash to kill them, despite Yoh's screaming in horror.

Later on, as the X-Laws leave, Yoh and the others are disappointed that Lyserg is hanging around such people like the X-Laws. Later on, Marco is seen stating to Lyserg that it wasn't Morphine, but Lyserg himself who stopped his pendulum wire at the moment that Yoh started screaming. Lyserg then thinks about Yoh screaming out his name.

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