A Call to Adventure




Japan Air Date

November 21, 2001

English Air Date

November 20, 2004



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song


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Soul Mata Cemetery
Our Deadly Blows

Believe (ビリーブ) is the 21st episode of the anime series of Shaman King.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As Bason explains to Yoh and the others what happened, a flashback is shown in where Tao Ren gets badly beaten by his father but is able to let Bason escape quickly. As Yoh decides that they want to help Ren, Anna does not give them permission since the Tao Family is dangerous. Later on at night Mikihisa and Ryu is seen winning his third and last qualification match for the Shaman Fight, revealing that Ryu has indeed become a Shaman. That night, Ponchi and Conchi they wake up Tamao and tell her that Yoh and the others have disappeared. As Anna, Tamao and Pirica are shocked that they left, Yoh and the others are seen running. As Yoh and the others pass the cemetery, Amidamaru states that the place should usually be filled with spirits at a time like this. just Then two musicians appear and state that they will push away all the bad spirits in this world. Then, they reveal that they are the BoZ Brothers. As Tamao and Ponchi and Conchi show up, then Ponchi and Conchi make fun of the two musicians. After the BoZ brothers start to play a song, Ponchi, and Conchi, Amidamaru and Bason pass away in the afterlife. The BoZ Brothers then start playing another song, which makes their guardian ghosts appear with an Over Soul and attacks Yoh and the others. As Yoh and the others don't stand a chance against the spirits since their own spirits are gone, Yoh is able to break free and says that he wants Amidamaru back. 

As the BoZ brothers make their guardian ghosts attack Yoh again, but Ryu appears and intercepts the attack. Ryu is then able to defeat the spirits using his Over Soul. As everyone is surprised that Ryu showed up, Ryu slices up the BoZ Brother's musical instruments. As the BoZ Brothers cowardly flee, it's revealed that Ryu's spirit is in fact Tokageroh. As Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants randomly shows up and tells them that Ryu became a Shaman. everybody is surprised and starts asking Ryu questions, meanwhile, three unknown girls are watching the scene from behind a three. Later on, those unknown girls are seen reporting to an unknown person with a large unknown guardian ghost. meanwhile, As everyone wants their guardian ghosts back, Anna shows up and summons them all. As everyone is happy, Anna gives Yoh permission to go and save Ren. Yoh, HorohoroManta, Ryu and their spirits then take off while Anna, Pirica, and Tamao stay behind.

Later on, Ren and his older sister are seen being held captive at their father's place. As they talk about how long they have been there now, Ren states that he is determined to defeat his father.

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