Ben the "Ace" was a member of Chocolove's former gang, "Shaft".


He is a slim man with an afro.


Like all the members of Shaft, he lost everything in his life and ended up becoming a gang member.



When Chocolove decides to go out for a walk, he along with Lynn try to stop him so he won't kill another person but is stopped by another member telling them that Chocolove is walking because he is thinking of how his parents were killed on Christmas Day.

Shaman Fight Second Round

He along with the other Shaft members cheer for Chocolove during his match against Team "Tsuki-gumi". Redseb kills him to avenge his father's death.

Invading the Plants

He along with the other Shaft members are seen on the Soul Train supporting Chocolove.

Anime/Manga Difference

He only appears in the manga.



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