Big America
The Second Round Begins



Biggu Amerika

Japan Air Date

December 26, 2001

English Air Date

December 25, 2004



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song


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Big America(ビッグ·アメリカ) is the 26th episode of Shaman King the anime series.


As their plane crashes, Yoh and the others are able to survive by using their spirits. As Horohoro states that they were unlucky that the engine was in bad shape, Ren makes him realize that their plane crash wasn't an accident, but a Shaman attack. As Yoh and the others talk about the situation that there is now, Amidamaru shows up and tells them that he has found a town up ahead. As Amidamaru tells them that it might take a day or two to get there, they decide to get there even though Horohoro is complaining. Meanwhile, a mysterious girl is watching Yoh and the others. Then, it's revealed that Sharona caused Ren's personal plane to crash with her guardian ghost Enra Enra. later on, As Yoh and the others get tired of walking, Yoh tells them that there is an oasis not very far up ahead, leaving Ren impressed by realizing that Yoh was able to spot such a thing when they were falling down from the plane. As Yoh and the others reach the oasis, they take a break and relax for a while.

Later on, as Yoh and the others want to travel on, Ryu is able to draw a truckers attention with his Over Soul "Big Thumb". After hitchhiking with Billy, Yoh and the others arrive at the town. As they start asking around where the Patch Village is, they find Lilly who says that she knows someone who doses know Patch Village at. As Yoh and the others talk with the old woman about Patch Village inside the house, meanwhile outside the two mysterious girls from before are seen outside and stating that everything is going so "smooth". meanwhile, As they start suspecting that the "old woman" is really lying, however, Horohoro finds Sharona hiding in the closet and Ryu finds out that the "old woman" is a stuffed teddy bear. As Yoh and Ren state that they already knew that they where the girls from before, Horohoro is surprised because he didn't notice anything strange. After Sally destroys the house outside they be in with her Over Soul, Yoh and the others are standing face-to-face with Sharona, Sally, EllieLilly and Millie. As Ren asks them if they where the ones that destroyed his personal plane, Sharona states that even though the only the information was to get to the Patch Village, it's not forbidden to destroy rivals before then.

Out of nowhere Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants shows up and tells everyone that "if you want to destroy rivals but get defeated with a Patch Officiant around, you will be disqualified." As Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants tells everyone that they got a message about it on their Oracle Bells, which they can read by scrolling down, everyone is surprised with the options on the Oracle Bell. As the four girls expect for Lilly then attack Yoh and the others, Yoh and the others are easily able to dodge the attack. Later on, sharona had a plan B in which she runs away crying scared along with the four girls and Lilly. 

Later on everyone, but mainly Ren decides to make Yoh the leader during their journey to find patch village. Later on, after Ryu used his Oversoul "Big Thumb" again to draw Billy's attention, Yoh and the others are seen in the back of Billy's truck driving through road while being followed by Sharona's red Lublin van.

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