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Big Chief (ビッグチーフ, Biggu Chifu) is totem bird spirit and the guardian ghost of Goldva, Chief of the Patch Tribe


Even though its spirit form is never seen it is revealed by Goldva that Big Chief was a former leader of the Patch Tribe who had finally been revived. It has most likely transformed over the years to a bird like-spirit based upon the Native American Totem Birds, The Raven or even The Thunderbird. however The Big Chief is most likely a Kami Class Spirit.

Oversouls and Attacks

O.S. Big Chief

O.S. "Big Chief"(O.S. ビッグチーフ)

O.S. Big Chief

Description: By placing the Big Chief within her pipe, the spirit of the former Patch Tribe chief will begin to materialize around her body. Due to its large size, when forming this oversoul Goldva jumps into the air, crossing her arms while holding her pipe. When completely oversouled, it takes the form of a muscular humanoid armour for Goldva to wear around her body with, a large iron ball resembling a bomb, instead of its right hand. In this form it becomes gigantic, even as large as one of the Five Grand Elemental Spirits, and has the head of a Thunderbird with the common Tribal Chief headdress. It also gains waist and wrist armour.

It was first seen when Redseb and Seyram Munzer invaded the Sanctuary of the Great Spirit and attacked Asakura Hao with Golem. Quickly creating her oversoul, Goldva easily smashed Golem with the large iron ball, revealing its immense strength.[1]


Anime/Manga Difference

Because the anime ended a lot earlier than the manga and the fact that the entire second round of the Shaman Fight is completely changed in the anime, the Big Chief had never had its appearance in the anime.



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