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Billy Anderson (ビリー アンダーソン Birī Andāson) is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. He is a truck driver who lives in America.


He has black hair that is tied in a ponytail, a mustache, and lots of tattoos on his arms. He wears black sunglasses, a black tank top, jeans, and brown boots.




Billy was born on December 28, 1962. He has lived surrounded by strange phenomena and incidents ever since he saw a U.F.O when he was young, so he had many incredible and scary personal experiences. A mysterious crop circle appears in his fields very often, he sees UFOs and ghosts every single day, he even gave a ride to the legendary girl of the curve one night. All those phenomena have become a routine for him.

Traveling to America[]

Umemiya Ryunosuke uses his Over Soul "Big Thumb" to signal for a ride from Billy, who thinks he was the legendary hitchhiker.

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