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Niaesu Bāji (ニアエス・バージ, Niaesu Bāji)[1], or Black Maiden (ブラックメイデン, Burakku Meiden) is a fictional character in the manga series Shaman King. A member of Team YVS, she murdered Iron Maiden Jeanne and made Jeanne her guardian ghost for the Flower of Maize.[2]



She aims to become the ultimate maiden, a goal she wants to achieve by possessing the spirit of Iron Maiden Jeanne and Jeanne´s own guardian ghost, Shamash, which is currently in the possession of Jeanne´s son Tao Men.

Despite claiming to be a maiden, she uses slang and is rather foulmouthed, calling Tamamura Tamao and the Hana-Gumi Waitresses hags.

Abilities and Powers[]


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Black Maiden's guardian ghost is none other than Iron Maiden Jeanne, former leader of X-Laws. Jeanne was a powerful shaman that participated in the Shaman Fight. Black Maiden acquired Jeanne's spirit after killing her. She uses the face plate of Jeanne's Iron Maiden as a medium for her Over Soul.



Black Maiden was recruited by Team YVS and in exchange for getting stronger, she was brought by Red Crimson to kill Iron Maiden Jeanne. But Jeanne pleaded for her not to kill anyone and when Black Maiden hesitated, Jeanne decided to have Shamash impose a death sentence on herself to prevent Black Maiden from becoming a murderer. Kamogawa Yosuke used one of his YVS Cards to stop time and shot Jeanne himself, so that the bullet would her kill before Shamash, when time resumed. Yosuke later implanted a false memory inside Black Maiden, making her believe that she pulled the trigger.[3]



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