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Black Sickle (ブラックシクル Burakku Shikuru) is a large black bull spirit and the guardian ghost of Kalim.


Black Sickle is a large black bull, animal spirit, that belongs to Kalim of the Ten Patch Officiants. This spirit grants Kalim both amazing strength and speed.

Because it still has the original form it can be questioned if it has evolved into a Seirei-Class spirit. It is most likely based on the Texas Longhorn species.

Oversouls and Attacks[]

O.S. Black Sickle[]

O.S. "Black Sickle"

O.S. "Black Sickle"(O.S. ブラックシクル)

  • Shaman: Kalim of the Ten Patch Officiants
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: Black Sickle(Bull Spirit)
  • Medium(s) Used: Hatchet & Bull bones and skull, attached to Kalim's pants

Description: By using his hatchet and the skull and bones from a bull attached to his pants, Kalim can completely materialize the body (except for the tail) of his black bull spirit Black Sickle onto his legs, giving him a centaur like-form. With this Over Soul Kalim gains incredible speed and strength, that can deal severe damage to anyone, Kalim can also completely control the bull body. This Over Soul was first seen when Asakura Yoh and his friends arrived at the Plant of the Plains, where Horohoro instantly attacked Kalim. After easily crushing the ice, Kalim generated the Oversoul and punched Horohoro so hard in the gut that he was knocked out. In his second appearance, the Over Soul gains a more mechanical appearance.


  • Rumbling Bull Brougham (ランブルブルブルーアム (牛車で散歩) Ranburu Buru Burūamu, lit. "Oxcart Walk"): An attack where Kalim uses the hoves of Black Sickle to viciously stomp the ground.[2]
  • Vaunted Horn (ボーンテッドボーン (オレの自慢のつの) Bōnteddobōn): Using the incredible speed of Black Sickle and the strength of its horns, Kalim charges his opponents crushing everything in his path.[3]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

Black Sickle in anime series

In the anime, Black Sickle is represented as a red bull while the bottom half represented a centaur. Unlike in manga, this Over Soul represents Black Sickle with the appearance more resembling that of bison rather an ox.



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External Links[]

  • Texas Longhorn - A Wikipedia Article about Black Sickle's animal species.

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