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Blamuro (ブラムロ, Buramuro, Blaumro in the English version of 2001 Anime series) was once a vampire hunter (バンパイアハンター, Banpaia Hantā), but was later killed off, in order to become the Guardian Ghost of Boris Tepes Dracula. He is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi in the Japanese anime.


Blamuro when he was a human being before his Death

500 years ago, the descendants of Vlad Tepes were still being hunted by other vampire hunters believing they were vampires. One of these hunters was Blamuro. However, during this time Asakura Hao came and taught the family how to become real "vampires" by using his Shamanic abilities.

However, the family succeeded in capturing Blamuro and kept torturing him until his senses were a complete loss and there was nothing left of his soul. It was then he was killed off and became the guardian ghost of Boris. 500 years later, the child Hao sought out the 22-year-old Boris Tepes Dracula, the now living descendant of his family and the inheritor of Blamuro, who instantly swore loyalty to Hao.[1]

After Blamuro takes over Lyserg Diethel and threatens him and Asakura Yoh, Amidamaru is able to release Blamuro, which in turn makes him stop serving Boris. He eventually passes on to the afterlife.[2]

Oversouls and Attacks[]

  • Possession: As Boris bites an opponent and changes Blamuro medium to blood entering the new wound. This allows Blamuro to control the opponent's body anyway Boris wishes.[1][3]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

In the 2001 anime series, instead of being a spirit from 500 years ago, Blamuro is a now living person who alongside other vampire hunters, to hunt the last descendants of the Tepes Family, being Boris and his father and mother. Boris was able to escape with the help of his mother, but Blamuro succeeds in killing his father then later killing his mother, who did not turn to ash as most vampires should have. It is then that Blamuro finally realizes that they were normal human beings while he started to search for Boris. however he finally finds him in a graveyard, the now fully grown Boris, is together with Asakura Hao side, and Blamuro is killed. After that, he now serves Boris as a way to atone for his sins of killing.[3]

In the 4Kids dub, his death was edited out because of the stabbing by Boris.



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