Tonythetrain25 Tonythetrain25 15 December 2020

When will people start adding gallery pages for the characters.

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Bmwfan2015 Bmwfan2015 20 September 2020

Will wiki site get updated?

I'm happy Shaman King will be making a comeback next year in a reboot.

Let's just hope the website here gets a full and complete upgrade.

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NikiTokio NikiTokio 15 June 2020

Shaman King Fans!

Hi there! Can't wait until April 2021!!! So ansious for the remake.

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Hyoroemon Hyoroemon 2 March 2020

SK timeline

Shaman Fight occur once each 500 years. This page list important events that is known during each SF

In anime Egypt team claim that the first shaman came from Egypt The Patch Tribe that oversee this SF ended up convert into YVS's Knight Templar before Hao become the next Shaman King.

Winner: Hao
The Shaman Fight that happens in Shaman King

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Magiblue11 Magiblue11 6 September 2018

Shaman King Role Player Wanted-VERY URGENT

Hello my name is Megan-I am a SHamAN kING fan like yourself. I have some questions if you will be kind to answer and also an idea to share.

A. What is your favorite episode (s)

B. Do you know the characters very well?

C. DO you know how to role play?

D. Have you seen both sub and dub?

E. Have you read the manga?

F. If you know how to role play-what style? Script or Paragraph

I am asking these questions because I am seeking somebody to role play an awesome Shaman King idea with me and I know you have a life outside the net and your own schedule, if you can spare time here and there on my idea, if your interested, and/or know somebody who is a big shaman king fan and likes to play, I would very much appreciate it. Also along with playing, I would …

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Kintobor Kintobor 3 September 2018

Japanese version rules!

English version is unsuccessful parody of Japanese version!

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Tresz Tresz 12 June 2018


can somebody here please make update and remove the another Shaman King Flowers and poured all informations from that wiki here??....... (reason): TOO MUCH WEBSITE LOL and besides ITS JUST SAME FRANCHISE!!!!!

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Zeref Fullbuster Zeref Fullbuster 10 March 2015

Shaman King Anime

Does anyone know what color are Nichrom's eyes that way I may add it to his page?

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Usui12 Usui12 1 February 2015

Hello, everyone!

I make a list of all Furyoku- level of the characters. So please look after that page if you want to check any Furyoku out.

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Pof203 Pof203 21 June 2014


I went to the Vortexx website to try and suggest that they add Shaman King to their line up. But when I got there, they told me that it was going to be replaced by another block with the lamest shows ever. I try to post something about this on the toonzone forums. But when I did, they flashed a horrible picture in my face in retaliation. THEY CAN'T DO THIS! If I manage to put Shaman King back on the air, it would have been popular gain like it was back when I was younger. Who knows, maybe something else good would have happened if the show was back on TV. But oh no, Saban had to pull the plug with warning and without reason! I will not stand for it, and I know some of you will agree. If you do, please let me know, if not, wrong wiki. i'm n…

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Pof203 Pof203 13 June 2014

This has been bugging me for sometime

Why is Yuan Ren's uncle in the english version instead of his father? Is it because they didn't want a main character like Ren to be the son of someone as visious as Yuan? I just don't know. If anyone might have the answer, please tell me. Thank you.

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Djoletz Djoletz 4 May 2014

Shaman King Flowers

Hello, I'm Djoletz, but you can call me DJ. I'm making this blog just to say that there is a Shaman King Flowers wiki. Link So everyone who are interested to help, be sure to come.

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S.sanchez S.sanchez 15 March 2014



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Esmorax Esmorax 1 October 2012


Hey, I just felt that I should contribute to the Shaman King world of wikia ;)

So starting from today.. I will try to post whenever I feel I could contribute wherever!

- es

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Cheremie Cheremie 25 May 2012


Lyserg Diethel(リゼルグ・ダイゼル, Rizerugu Daizeru) is a fictional character from the manga and anime series of Shaman King. He is orphaned from a young age, whenAsakura Hao killed his parents for refusing to join him. This makes him seeks revenge, and eventually made him participate in the Shaman Fights to kill Hao. He would eventually join the extremist group known as the X-Laws, believing they would help him gain his revenge.

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Gojita Gojita 10 April 2012

Shaman King Spoilers

Since most of us live outside japan and the community of Shaman King fans is rarely unable to get their hands on any of the new stuff right when it is released many of us fail to notice the small spoilers and a like that is leaked every now and a then.

Patch Cafe

But this particular site hosted by Mankin-Trad posts a lot and also translates a lot, before their main site release the entire chapter, so i would advise all of you guys to keep an eye out for whatever information they might release.

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Gojita Gojita 10 April 2012

Flowers Chapter 1 Scan

I managed to locate an online chinese scan of the new chapter 1 of Shaman King Flowers and have downloaded it and rar'd it



Please tell me if the link goes dead

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Gojita Gojita 21 March 2012

Shaman Files

Mankin Trad have only released so and so much of the 2 pages of datafiles that followed each album of the second reprint the Kang Zeng Bang, but fellow contributor Meo-Chan was so kind to upload most of the remaining on this wikia. I would kindly ask anyone reading this if they can possibly translate some of the material and post it in the comments down below.

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EmperorPeelaugh575 EmperorPeelaugh575 17 March 2012

Hi guys im new

hi poeple of Shaman King Wiki! i'm new to this wiki, but i still like Shaman King alot! (though I've never watched the manga) my fave shaman King character is either Manta or Amidamaru! i hope to have a fun time here but i will be mostly on Dragon Ball Wiki!!!! i would like it if someone could show me around!!!!

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Toxic W Toxic W 1 February 2012

Shaman King:Flowers

Hello This my first time writing on this page i found something interesting its seem that Sheuisha has decided to follow that series heres the info:

In November 2011, Shueisha announced the serialization of a sequel, Shaman King: Flowers (シャーマンキング 花Shāman Kingu Hana?), to start in their magazine Jump Kai in April 2012. It will focus on Hana Asakura's development as a Shaman.

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Hikaruyami-having fun* Hikaruyami-having fun* 7 October 2010

New Skin

< User blog:Wh!te$tarOn Sonic Fanon Wiki, we've had a huge discussion (and I mean HUGE) on moving because of the manditory new skin. We agreed to move the site, but what about here? Just to show you, this is the new skin: New wiki skin.jpgView photo detailsAdded by Wh!te$tarNow, we considered everything from protest to Here's the original blog on Sonic Fanon if you'd like. [1]

Here are the option we proposed in general

1) Move the wiki. Basically everyone voted for this.

2)Protest. Alot of people protested, but the wiki people are too thickheaded.

3)accept it. Literally nobody voted for this!

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Giotis Giotis 8 September 2010


I would like to know if all the stories that exist in the manga and doesn't exist in the anime(like Hao 's past) exist in Ova or something like that. If you know please tell me.

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Asakura Aviantei Asakura Aviantei 25 January 2010

Aviantei 01

Aviantei- an Shamn King Fanfiction

This is the story of the battle to become Shaman King. This is a story that will change things. This is the story of the one the elements call “Aviantei.” And with this, that story begins…

Part 1: Of the Flames

As the fires burned around him, Hao vaguely wondered what he was doing. He had no reason to be here, this fire was not his concern. He moved a shock of raven black hair away from his auburn eyes and continued to scan his surroundings.

The flames were making it hard to decipher one form hidden in the flames from the next. When he saw a figure that held its shape, he headed towards it. Reaching it, he stopped. This hadn’t been what he was expecting.

Lying at Hao’s feet was a young girl.

Hao Asakura was you…

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Foolworm Foolworm 26 September 2009

Mandalite poster

One Mandalite poster coming up:

Unfortunately, it's in 4 pieces. Oh well, I guess you could paste them together somehow.

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Adrian-nation Adrian-nation 29 August 2009

Kang Zeng Bang color shaman files pages :D

Hi shaman king fans :D

I'm back with a pack with all the new kang zeng bang shaman files in full color and high resolution :D

Content: shaman files color pages from all 27 new volumes and the extra pages from mentalite.

Link here>>>>>>>>>>>

Enjoy! :D

btw... anyone have a mentalite poster high resolution scan? that's the only thing i can't find from new kang zeng manga :(

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Adrian-nation Adrian-nation 29 August 2009

Anna the Itako

This was originaly a bonus chapter from Butsu Zone manga by Hiroyuki Takei.

This chapters tell us a little about anna's shamanic powers and give us an early story of her origin; of course this story was some kind of "elseworld" in the shaman king universe.

Anyway, here's the link for those that doesn't have it yet :D


Enjoy it! :D

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Meo-chan Meo-chan 15 July 2009


Hey everyone~ I know I've been kind of quiet on the wikia, but everything seems to be running so smoothly. XD

Anyway! Upon request on my lj, I've scanned the contents of the "Mentalite" fanbook (excluding Shaman Files and the extra Hana-centric bonus manga), so I'd like to share it with everyone here, too!

...I guess this is a good place for it. XD


Ok, so here's what wasn't originally included with this blog post. Maybe most people already got it all from my lj, but in case not, it's here as well now~

Shaman Files :

"Flowers" bonus-manga :

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