Blue Chateau
Blue Chateau
Japanese Name: ブルーシャトー
Romanized Name: "Burū Shatō"
English Name: Blue Schad
First Appearance: Chapter 1
Episode 1
Affiliations: Ryu's Gang
Japanese VA: Susumu Chiba
English VA: Dan Green

Blue Chateau (ブルーシャトー,"Burū Shatō") is a member of Ryu's Gang.


Blue Chateau has blue hair and wears a long black sleeved shirt.


He is very loyal to Ryu



Blue Chateau was born on June 3, 1980, and was from Tokyo, Japan. During the beginning of junior high school, however, Ryu meets him and talked to him even though he was new. The two became friends.

Meeting with TokagerohEdit

When Ryu is possessed by Tokageroh, he goes to Yoh's house to get revenge on Amidamaru. Blue Chateau and the others help Yoh by stopping Tokageroh so they can save Ryu.

Shaman Fights in TokyoEdit

Before Ryu goes to America, Blue Chateau and the others write him a farewell card.

Anime/Manga DifferencesEdit

Sometime after the Tokageroh incident, Ryu's gang tries to cheer him up by getting a woman for him. Blue Chateau succeeds because the women find him attractive, but get scared when they see Apache behind him.


  • Out of all the members of Ryu's Gang(except for Ryu), Blue Chateau is the most popular member


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