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Bluebell Bloch
Bluebell bloch
Japanese Name: ブルーベル ブロック
Romanized Name: Burūberu Burokku
English Name: Bluebell Bloch
First Appearance: Chapter 91 (Manga)
Occupations: Park ranger
Japanese VA: n/a
English VA: n/a

Bluebell Bloch (ブルーベル ブロック, Burūberu Burokku) is a park ranger from the United States.



Though Bluebell appears gentle, she is actually very strong-willed and stubborn. She cares greatly about preserving nature and is dedicated to her job as a park ranger. Bluebell also strongly hates poachers, particularly because of what they did a grizzly bear she and her father called Apollo.



As a young girl, Bluebell and her father became close to a grizzly bear they named Apollo for the starburst scar over his eye. Because of poachers, the bear hated and feared humans, with the exception of Bluebell and her father. However, when Apollo had healed, he was rejected by all the other bears in the area. Because of his status as an outcast, Apollo became violent due to the pain of this rejection, and became even more hostile towards humans. Bluebell eventually grew up and became a park ranger in the Lucky Mountains out of her love of nature.

Travel through AmericaEdit

As a park ranger, Bluebell has policing authority in her jurisdiction to arrest illegal hunters, as well as being in charge of tourists and visiting hunters in her area. She finds Horohoro when he goes off trail while snowboarding in America and is knocked unconscious from a fall. While she is cordial when he regains consciousness at the ranger's cabin where she is residing, she quickly becomes assertive when Horohoro attempts to leave; Bluebell reveals that she can arrest him for illegally entering the nature reserve and for not having proper identification. Horohoro reluctantly stays, but meets Apollo and soon discerns the true nature of the bear's isolated and hostile nature towards humans.

To thank Bluebell, Horohoro manages to pacify Apollo's spirit after revealing how the bear has suffered not only from distrusting humans but also from being rejected by his own kind, as other bears recognized Apollo had Bluebell and her father's scent on him. However, the bear is shot by poachers soon afterward, which enrages Horohoro for their wasteful exploitative practices. He subdues the poachers, who are arrested by Bluebell. While upset with Apollo's death, Bluebell consoles and thanks him for what he has done for Apollo and herself.

Several years later, Bluebell would be trapped in an avalanche during a mission, but would be saved by young grizzly with a crater-like spots over one eye.[1]

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