Bone Killers
Faust VIII



Bōn Kirāzu

Japan Air Date

October 10, 2001

English Air Date

October 9, 2004



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song


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Bone Killers(ボーン·キラーズ) is the 15th episode of Shaman King the anime series.


As Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants and Kalim of the 10 Patch Officiants try to sell stuff, they are worried about Yoh's next opponent, Johann Faust VIII. Kalim gives Silva little of advice to let Yoh forfeit the fight. Later on at Yoh's house, Manta and Anna are mad at Horohoro for spending time at their house again. Then, Usui Pirica shows up and takes Horohoro with her. Pirika then states that Horohoro needs to do more training, but Horohoro tells her that he is going to make it to the main tournament of the Shaman Fight for sure. As Yoh shows up and tells Pirika that it will be alright, Pirika states that she will never forgive Yoh for "ruining their dream". Later on, Yoh and Manta talk about the Shaman Fight while taking a bath. Anna then walks in and shows Yoh that the Oracle Bell has transmitted his next opponent, Faust VIII. 

Later on, they arrive at the place where Yoh has to fight Johann Faust VIII. As Anna walks off to buy an umbrella, she bumps into Silva who tells her that Yoh should give up the fight because Faust VIII is very dangerous. Meanwhile, Yoh, Manta and Amidamaru have a conversation about what Johann Faust VIII would be like. As Faust arrives to fight Yoh, Anna is seen stating to Silva that Yoh will not forfeit a fight. Silva then tells her that Faust killed his opponent the last time and that he is a necromancer, so today's area will be a graveyard in which is in Faust's favor. Anna then tells Silva that Yoh will become Shaman King and win for sure. Meanwhile back at the graveyard Faust tells Yoh he is a necromancer, Manta finds out that Faust is a descendant of Dr.Johann Faust I, who was also a necromancer too. As Johann Faust states that he wants to overcome death one day, Manta states that it would be impossible to do. For making Faust angry, He summons multiple skeletons to combined and capture Manta for him. As Yoh wants to help him, he gets a hit from behind by Faust's guardian ghost Eliza Faust. As Yoh gets stopped by skeletons, Faust starts his "research" and begins to dissection Manta by using his own Furyoku he is able to put his hand inside Manta's body and hurt him badly. As Yoh tries desperately to break free from the skeletons grip, he manages to destroy them with great ease. While Faust just summons more and more skeletons to bury Yoh underneath them. As Manta watches in horror as he can't believe what is going on, Yoh was able to use Over Soul and break free from the skeletons. As Faust can't believe that Yoh managed to survive, Yoh states that he will not forgive him.

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