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Bron (ブロン Boron) is a fictional character from the manga series of Shaman King. He is one of the Ten Patch Priests and the Officiant responsible for overlooking Lyserg Diethel and overseeing the X-Laws Teams.


Bron's full appearance.

Bron had long, stringy black hair. When not in his battle outfit Bron wears a standard Patch Cloak with a headband. Like most of the Patch tribe, he wears a silver plate on his chest, his was a shaped like a spider, referring to his spider guardian ghost Blue Net.

When in his plant or in battle he wears a black unitard with spider hair bracelets on his ankles and wrists.


Bron is normally very calm and follows the Patch tribe, policy of neutrality. When under the power of the Patch song Bron becomes very cold and readily kills his opponents without hesitation while mocking them for an inability to fight back in his plant. But after being hit by Lyserg´'s Over Soul and later burned by it, he does seem to lose his cool and goes into a crazy frenzy, ignoring his hand being cut off and having his cranium and knees crushed by Jeanne´s torture Over Soul.

Abilities and Powers[]


Bron's Guardian Ghost, Blue Net

See More: Blue Net

His Guardian ghost is a spider called Blue Net and its mediums are wrist and ankle cuffs made out of spider hair. When Over Souled Bron has the power to create spider webs for walking on, to create nets to catch an opponent or fire them as projectiles.[1] After catching his opponents in individual webs he is somehow able to create several small spiders to rearrange the threads into neatly formed webs.


Shaman Fights in Tokyo[]

Bron was sent to London to test Lyserg Diethel after the sighting of the destiny star. Lyserg managed to hit Bron after having to track Bron through his guardian ghost alone.[2]

Shaman Fights Second Round[]

When Silva tried to steal the remaining four Grand Elemental Spirits and was captured, Goldva ordered Bron and Renim to re-educate him in the ways of the Patch, something Kalim seemed shocked to hear.

Invading the Plants[]

Eventually Asakura Hao would be crowned the Shaman King by forfeit of the remaining three teams and his own two teammates. When the remaining teams invaded the Plants and were facing off against Silva, Bron showed up alongside Renim and ordered Silva to return to his Plant. There he and Renim revealed they're over souls and greeted the invaders. They left and told them to follow the main path or get lost forever.

When Asakura Yoh and company enter the second plant. which is Bron's Valley plant. They encounter Bron who was floating in midair. Bron drops the gang in the valley and attacks. Ryu tries cutting through the spider silk they were netted in but cannot due to it being over souled. Ren flies behind Bron but is slammed down.

Chocolove McDonell Over Souled with Pascal Avaf but can not do it fast enough. Lyserg uses Morphine to save everyone and readies himself to fight his old officiant. Bron is revealed to have spider webs under his feet to keep himself up. Lyserg pulls out his gun and aims at Bron saying that he will defeat him. Bron wonders how Lyserg would achieve that as he had already killed Tao Ren with a single blow. He then points at Usui Horokeu and notices how they won't have Furyoku to revive one another forever and then kills Horokeu.

Lyserg becomes agitated and points his gun at Bron although he is stopped by Yoh who notes that Bron must have a strange and secret power seeing that he was willing to kill. Bron notes how he should have killed Yoh first but explains the Patch Song and begins singing it as his spiders rearrange the web holding the invaders. Lyserg over souls and moves behind Bron for a surprise attack, but Bron dodges thanks to the web he had played out over the entire area and attacks but the attack is burned down by Lyserg. Bron is burned by Lyserg but gets right back up and hits Lyserg in the chest seemingly killing him.

Bron burned by Lyserg

Iron Maiden Jeanne is however unlocked and is quick to create a guillotine with an Over Soul and cuts Bron's arms off. Jeanne creates another torture device locking Bron in a head and leg torture device. Bron, however, tells her not to underestimate his Furyoku level and increases his power even more and creates a spider body by covering his entire body in his Over Soul. Bron quickly attacks Jeanne but to his surprise is stopped by Lyserg, who reveals that the glasses Marco Lasso gave him was bulletproof. Bron prepares himself to finish the fight, but Lyserg uses his Over Soul's many arms to hold Bron telling Bron that can't do anything as him seeing Lyserg alive, disturbed his heart. Lyserg then thanks Bron for everything and unleashes his Cremation attack killing Bron by burning his body within a large vortex of fire.[3] Bron falls to the bottom of his plant dead and Yoh and company move on.

He later appears, together with all the other Patch Priests, within the Great Spirit.[4]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

In the 2001 anime series, Bron was never shown but was only mentioned by Lyserg when he passed his test.


  • Unlike most of the patch members his name is not derived from an element of the periodic table, instead of being named for the alloy, bronze.


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