Bye Bye
Double Jeopardy




Japan Air Date

July 10, 2002

English Air Date

February 3, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Northern Lights

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It's Training! Everyone Gather!
The Eighth Angel

Bye Bye (バイバイ) is the 53rd episode of the Shaman King anime series.


As Yoh tells that Hao has killed all his opponents so far, the Lily Five still state that they don't want to withdraw after coming so far. As the Lily Five leaves, Yoh and the others wonder what they can do about it. Meanwhile, Mikihisa finds Team "The Ren" fighting each other in the desert. As he asks what they're doing, they tell him that they didn't feel like searching for the grains of rice made them stronger so they decided to do a practice match. As Mikihisa asks if they think that they can really become strong like this, Ren and the others leave.  

Later that night, the Lily Five are trying to decide which of them will form the three person team to fight Hao's team. Sally states that she doesn't want to give up and Sharona decides that they are going to use her "imaginary" training. As they all imagine that they are able to beat Hao, Sharona states that they're gonna win tomorrow morning. Later on, Yoh is searching for Hao in the woods. As Yoh asks Hao why he kills his opponents, Hao tells him that he sees two kinds of Shamans, useful and useless ones. As Yoh wants to leave, Hao states that he is going to kill the Lily Five. Then, Yoh turns to Hao and uses his Over Soul, however, Hao disappears. 

The next morning, Yoh intercepts the Lily Five on their way to the stadium and states that he will fight them all so they don't fight Hao. Meanwhile, Team "The Ren" are still in the desert. As Mikihisa shows up again and states that searching for grains of rice is the best thing they can do for training, Ren and the others ignore him. Mikihisa then states that he will be their opponent then. Meanwhile, the Lily Five prepares for battle as Yoh uses his Oversoul, Spirit of Sword. As they attack Yoh, Yoh is able to defeat them all in one hit. Meanwhile, Mikihisa is easily dodging Ren's attacks. As Mikihisa then easily knocks Ren down, Yoh asks the Lily Five again to withdraw. As Ren makes a stand against Mikihisa, the Lily Five refuse to give up all the work they've done to get where they are now. Yoh then states that they have to at least be able to land one blow on him. Meanwhile, Mikihisa is knocking Ren down easily again. Then, the Lily Five combines their final attacks and hit Yoh. At the same time, Ren is able to land a soft kick on Mikihisa. As Mikihisa then states that that's Ren's limit and leaves. As the Lily Five are cheering happy, Anna makes them realize that they better withdraw anyway. Then, Hao is seen stating that Yoh has done it now. Later on back at the cafe, Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants tells Yoh and the others that Hao was not pleased that Yoh succeeded in saving the Lily Five's lives. Meanwhile, Ren meets Yoh in the desert and they both find a grain of rice. As the both realize that they've found the wrong ones, Ren states that they've got a long way to go.

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