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Captain Roll
Captain Roll
Japanese Name: キャプテン ロール
English Name: Captain Mayhem
First Appearance: Chapter (Manga)
Episode 28 (Anime)
Type: Human Class
Reiryoku Level:
Shaman: Savage Pan

Captain Roll (キャプテン ロール, "Kyaputen Rōru") is the guardian ghost of Savage Pan


Captain Roll was a ship captain who died when his ship sank many years ago.



Captain Roll died when one of his ships sank many years ago. After that, he waited for a descendant that could see him. One day, he found Savage Pan near his bed fighting between life and death. He told him that he is his ancestor. Savage Pan decided to recover the sunken treasure that was inside that ship, but he couldn't do it alone, and hadn't had enough money to get help. He entered the Shaman Fight because he wanted to find his lost family members and re-float the ship.

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O.S. "Captain Roll" (O.S. キャプテン ロール)


  • Anchor Throw:(アンカースロー, "Ankā surō") Savage Pan throws his chained anchor at his opponents. This move is unnamed in the anime series. it was first used against Tao Ren.

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In the English version of the anime series, he is known as "Captain Mayhem". However, In the Japanese version of the anime series, he is called Captain Roll.



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