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The Ark X (箱舟Xエックス Hakobune Ekkusu) is the private cargo ship where the X-Laws reside during the Shaman Fight.


The ship is equipped with a crane in the front that is used to submerge Jeanne's iron maiden to subject her to water torture to raise her Furyoku even more. It would seem that Jeanne can remotely control the crane from within the iron maiden, although how is unknown.[1] The rear exhaust pipe have the X-Laws symbol painted on the side.

On board are the X-Laws' living quarters and a weapons storage. Before being expelled, Hans Reiheit was the weapons keeper of the X-Laws.[2] The ship also has a gym, a gaming room, an outside pool, a kitchen with a small bar, and a private office for Marco Lasso. At the bottom floor of the ship is Jeanne's room. On the outside, it is gloomy with cracks in the door and a lot of blood splattered around it, but on the inside it is very bright and well decorated.[3]

Its fate after the Shaman Tournament is unknown.

Anime/Manga Differences[]

The ship never made an appearance in the 2001 anime series and instead the X-Laws resided in a church during the second rounds.



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