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Cebin Mendel (ケビン・メンデル Kebin Menderu) is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. He is a member of the X-Laws and Team "X-III". Like many of the X-Laws, he was once part of a military group.


Cebin`s burned Face

Cebin Mendel is commonly seen wearing a black smiling mask and a white and purple Tyrolean hat, and like most of the other members of the X-Laws, he is also constantly seen wearing his X-laws uniform. Unlike the other uniforms that have pure white sleeves, he instead wears the top part of the uniform as a vest and has long dark blue sleeves with vertical black stripes and a white machete. His shoulder pad is shaped like a sunflower. He uses a pair of jet black mechanical gloves with guns attached to where the fingertips used to be, so they can be used as projectile weapons which act as Cebin's medium for Remiel.

According to Asakura Hao, he was quite "skinny". It is revealed that he was terribly burned and disfigured by Asakura Hao in the past and that the main reason why he wears the mask, the hat, and the gloves, is to hide the fact that there is not much skin left on his body.[1]


Because of his mask, it is difficult to see what mood he is in, and what emotions he has. However he seems to remain calm and collected and like the other X-Laws members, Cebin is a believer in their justice and the ideals of Jeanne. Unlike Marco Lasso, he can still see the shades of gray in the world and see Lyserg's kindness as a great addition to the team.

His hobbies are singing in a chorus and reading.[2]

However, when he came to face-to-face with Asakura Hao in the fourth fight of the Shaman Tournament, he finally showed his true colors. When Meene was quickly killed he acted as if nothing had happened and revealed his large personal grudge against Asakura Hao for disfiguring him ten years earlier. It is revealed that he does not actually care about anyone anymore and is only in the Shaman Fights due to his own personal grudge.

Abilities and Powers[]


See More: Remiel

His guardian ghost is Archangel Remiel, whose base vehicle is the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupe that. He is in charge of guiding souls into heaven and according to Cebin, is the archangel in charge of the souls being reincarnated. It has the power of thunder and attacks with electroshocks.[3] Like all the other archangels, Remiel has the ability to shatter souls.



Born on September 18, 1971, Cebin comes from Salzburg, Austria where he eventually joined a military group, becoming a sniper in the unit known as the EKO Cobra Unit, helping the Austrian Federal Police.[4] Ten years prior to the current storyline he met with Asakura Hao, mistaking him and his followers as a terrorist organization and so decided to attack. Hao ended up killing everyone except for Cebin, but he lost both his arms, and the majority of his face and body were burned. He was between life and death when Marco Lasso and Iron Maiden Jeanne found him and saved him. This incident with Hao awakened his shamanic powers, so he decided to join the X-Laws to take revenge.[5]

Travel through America[]

He and the X-Laws were dropped somewhere in American. Not much is known about what he and his teammates did but he later showed up at the fight between Ryu and Boris. The X-Laws killed Boris and went straight to the Patch Village. Cebin like all others gained a power increase from the Great Spirit.

Shaman Fights Second Round[]

The X-laws recruited Lyserg and waited for the rest of the three months. He teamed up with Chris Venstar, and Meene Montgomery to form the X-III team. They were the first to face Asakura Hao and his team. Although all three of them attacked Hao at the same, Hao targeted them one-by-one and Meene was the first to go by having her spirit sliced in half and then being impaled by one of the Spirit of Fire's fingers.

Cebin stepped in while he revealed himself, for his main reason for entering, while showing his face. He fought with everything he could but was killed in the progress by the Spirit of Fire, who crushed not only his Archangel but also Cebin, burning him to ash and killing him.

Meanwhile, Venstar blew up his special grenade but it didn't seem to work and he was also killed off. The souls of Team "X-III" were then all devoured by the Spirit of Fire.[6]

Invading the Plants[]

When Hao created a Black Hole within the Great Spirit, the spirits of the X-Laws appeared in their 'Supercars' to protect the Soul Train.[7]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

In the 2001 anime series, he lives a lot longer until the end of the series where he dies being crushed by his own O.S. while all the X-Laws were fighting against Hao, while in manga series, he is killed by Hao and Spirit of Fire ate his soul.

In 2001 anime series, he doesn't have hair (or his hair is very short, sometimes, though this may be a wig). In the manga, has dark, spiked hair hidden under this hat. Cebin Mendel does also appear in casual clothes several times, without his hat. His disfigured face was shown only briefly.

Gate of Babylon[]



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