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Chō Senjiryakettsu (超·占事略決) is the 40th episode of the anime series of Shaman King.


As everyone is happy to see each other, Yoh states that Anna's Shikigamis where strong. As Manta notices the new member Chocolove, Anna tells Yoh that she came to make him stronger with the Cho-Senjiryakketsu. As Anna tells that the book contains all of Hao's knowledge, Lyserg and Marco are seen talking with a strange statue. As Yoh and the others are talking about Hao and his goal to create a Shaman-only world, Anna states that Hao somehow surpassed mankind. Anna then states that its Yoh's mission to defeat Hao, since their "sin" was brought into the world by the Asakura Family. As Anna tells that she's prepared a special training for Yoh again, all the others decide to do the training as well in order to get stronger, despite Yoh's attempts to make them realize that Anna's training courses are like hell. 

Later on, Yoh and the others start training inside a cave that Anna has provided with some kind of portal by using the 1080 Rosary Beads. As Lyserg and the X-Laws are seen heading towards where Yoh and the others are, Anna tells everyone that Yoh and the others will experience all Hao's techniques and thoughts. As Manta isolates himself from the group for a moment because he is sad that he can't do anything to help Yoh, Hao shows up and states to him that he can't do anything because he is a powerless human. Hao also states that Yoh will come back stronger for sure. Meanwhile, as Yoh and the others are guided by Hao's thoughts and memories inside Cho-Senjiryakketsu, Hao tells Manta that humans and Shamans cannot coexist. At the same time, Yoh and the others are impressed by the things Hao is capable of. As Hao tells Yoh and the others his ideas to create a beautiful world, he gives them Furyoku to "guide" them.

Later on, Yoh and the others return from the cave completely impressed by the capabilities of Shamans and Hao in particular. As Manta and Anna are worried about if they did change or not, the X-Laws show up. As Marco immediately attacks Yoh and the others, they are able to dodge it and state to Manta and the others that they're completely fine. As Marco finds out that Yoh and the others have no intentions to help Hao, the X-Laws leave. Then, Hao is seen watching the situation and stating: "I expected nothing less from my...". Later on, Yoh and the others are happy that they've become stronger. Anna then gives Yoh the Futunomitama no Turugi Anna received from Yoh's grandfather, but they both don't exactly know what to do with it. Later, Anna looks at Yoh and then Yoh tells her that she looks pretty well.

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