Chrom of the Ten Patch Officiants (クロム, Kuromu) is a fictional character in the manga series of Shaman King. He was one of the Ten officiants of the Patch Tribe but was killed by Tao Ren. He was the older brother of Nichrome of the Ten Patch Officiants and the best friend of Silva of the Ten Patch Officiants.


Chrom is a tall, muscular man with black hair and dark eyes.


According to Silva he was the most festive member of the Patch Tribe, loving to both dance and sing.



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Chrom's spirit is known as Purple Kick (パープルキック). Nothing else is known about his guardian ghost, only that it greatly resembles a locust and that is purple in color.[1]


Shaman Fights in Tokyo

He was one of the priests that judged the shaman fight. He was alongside Silva and Kalim sent to Tokyo to test the potential Shamans living there. He would eventually come to test Tao Ren who would easily learn the concept of oversoul and made the decisive hit on Chrom.

However because Chrom goaded Ren too much, Ren got too excited and eventually killed him.

The remaining Patch Officiants are latter seen surrounding Chrom's body, wearing their ceremonial masks, discussing the circumstances of his death and preparing for his funeral. Silva is the last to arrive, showing clear signs of distress over the loss of his friend. The events of that night are then replayed using an "oracle" projector, but Silva is reluctant to accept that Tao Ren should be allowed to enter, yet Goldva confirms that there is very little he can do about it.

Shaman Fights Second Round

Chrom would later appear before the spirit of the dead Ren, representing the guilt he held within his heart, as he relived the events that led to him killing Chrom. It is at this point that the precise nature of what transpired is revealed.

Chrom initially encountered Ren in the middle of the built up city and just like the other officiants to the numerous other competitors, challenges him to a test to gain entry into the shaman fight. In order to acquire the Oracle Bell that would function as a permit, Ren would still have to hit Chrom just once. Ren was apparently unfazed by this, stating "with this one attack I will kill you", and so attacked without hesitation, easily mastering the concept of over soul. Using the abilities of his over soul, Chrom easily leaped over this initial attack, but after observing enough of Ren's abilities and while preparing to then retaliate, Ren followed suddenly with another strike. The combination of Ren's long attack range and use of cloak, to restrict Chrom's view, made the attack unavoidable. Even so, Chrom appeared to take little damage, with only a little blood escaping his mouth, and proceeded to lecture Ren on how his instinct to constantly charge an opponent would eventually turn against him.

After noting how Ren's courage was similar to his own brother's, Chrom just smiled and announced that Ren had passed the test. However, Ren launched a fatal blow that killed Chrom, saying that he didn't need his pity.[2]

Invading The Plants

After Asakura Hao decides not to go through with his plans to rid the world of non-shamans, Chrom and the other Patch Tribe officiants are seen surrounding their new Shaman King.[3]

Anime/Manga Difference

Chrom in the anime

Although not shown, Chrom's death is mentioned by his brother in Episode 50, as Nichrom explains Lady Nyorai cleared the darkness in his soul, and suggests Tao Ren do the same. Later Ren mistakes Silva for the fallen Patch Officiant, his mind troubled by the incident.[4]


  • Like the other Patch Priests he is named after an element in the periodic table. His name being derived from Chromium


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