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Chuck (チヤツク, Baby Chuck in the English Anime) is Marion Phauna's Guardian Ghost.


Chuck is a spirit of a western gunfighter. At the age of 12, he was arrested for killing a robber, but he was eventually realeased shortly afterwards. Chuck was adopted and taken care of by a sheriff, and soon after, he became an assistant sheriff. The sheriff taught him marksmanship, and eventually, Chuck became well known for his skill in using the gun. Sadly he died of tuberculosis when he was 20

Chuck had a short life, but his vivid way of life made him a legend. Because of this, his four revolvers were bought by collectors at very high prices. One of the guns was last owned by Marion's family, given to them by a mafia family as a sign of friendship. Marion noticed him haunting it and he swore to protect her.[1]

Oversouls and Attacks

O.S. Chuck Rocket Head

O.S. Chuck

O.S. Chuck Rocket Head

Description: The doll was personally sewn by Marions's mother just for her. The gun was one of Chuck's own guns and was given to Marion by her father. She ussually holds the doll in the hair, but when using it to shoot, she holds it in the back. The bullets are made with the Over Soul and it can produce an infinite ammount of them as long as Marion have furyoku left. When left to move on it's own, the puppet is fast and can also be used as a spy.[2]


  • Cross Fire: Chuck shoots two bullets from his revolvers and the bullets starts spinning.
  • Baby Steps: Chuck run todwards his opponent.
  • Machine Gun Fire: Chuck fire several rounds from his gun at high speed.
  • Magnum Craft: Chuck fires a few rounds into an opponent at close range

Anime and Manga Diffirences

Chuck originally held a gun but the gun was edited out in the 4Kidsdub version. It's replaced with a rattle.



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