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Dai Tengu (大天狗 Dai Tengu) is a Kami-class spirit associated with the Asakura Family. It was first summoned by Asakura Yohken to defeat Hao during the Shaman Fights 500 years ago. It is currently the guardian ghost of Tamamura Tamao.


The greatest of the Shikigami spirits, Dai Tengu can only be summoned and controlled by those who have undergone extreme ascetic training.

It is first seen when Asakura Yoh was fighting his ancestor Asakura Yohken as a part of his training in hell, and it is revealed by Matamune to be the Shikigami with which Yohken defeated Patch Hao.

After Tamamura Tamao trained with the spirit of Yohken, during her high school years, she inherited the spirit and gained the strength to control it.[2] She has been seen using it to scare both her employees and Asakura Hana.[3]

Oversouls and Attacks[]

O.S. Asceticism Perfected[]

O.S. Asceticism Perfected

O.S. "Asceticism Perfected" (O.S.修験の極みを Shugen no Kiwami o)

  • Shaman:Asakura Yohken
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: Dai Tengu
  • Medium used: Paper Seal Doll

Description: When summoned using a special paper seal doll, Dai Tengu takes the form of a gigantic tengu dressed as an ascetic monk with angelic wings and wielding a large katana.


  • Ascetic Tengu Enslavement Art Strike: Sickle Izuna (修験天狗使役法極技: 鎌飯綱 Shugen Tengu Shiekihō Gokugi: Kama'izuna): The ultimate secret art of asceticism, Dai Tengu unleashes a series of sword strikes, moving so fast it appears to be attacking with several swords at once.[4] It is powerful enough to defeat Hao in his Patch incarnation.[5]

O.S. Dai Tengu[]

O.S. Dai Tengu

O.S. “Dai Tengu” (O.S.大天狗)

Description: When summoned using the katana Harusame, Dai Tengu takes the form of a gigantic tengu dressed as an ascetic monk with angelic wings. In this form, it posses great strength, enough to easily demolish a mansion.


  • Shugen no Kiwami wo (修験の極みを Polarizing of Shugen): A simple punching technique. Three of these punches are strong enough to shatter an Over Soul made with a Kami Class Spirit. Tamao also claims that she uses this technique to punish Hana.[6]

O.S. "Kahen Tengu Dai-Garasu"[]

Transforming O.S. Kahen Tengu Daigarasu

O.S. Kahen Tengu Dai-Garasu" (可変天狗 ダイガラス, Transforming Tengu: Giant Raven)

Description: Tamao's new "Transforming O.S." (可変式 O.S.) achieved by three guardian ghosts and Harusame. Tamao used some of Asakura Yohkyo's robot figures to enhance her inspiration and images. She can alter the shapes and functions of the O.S. into several different modes including giant robot-like one to a jet-fighter-like one.


Anime/Manga Difference[]

Dai Tengu does not appear in the 2001 anime series.


  • Dai-Garasu's etymology and appearance of the jetfighter mode are references to "Legend Silver Hawk Burst" from DARIUS series.


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