Daitaro Boshi
Japanese Name: 大太朗 法師
Romanized Name: Daitaro Boshi
English Name:
First Appearance: Zero Chapter 6 (Manga)
Occupations: Apprentice Onmyōji
Epithet: n/a
Japanese VA: n/a
English VA: n/a
Furyoku Level: n/a
Guardian Ghost
Japanese Name:
English Name:

Daitaro Boshi (大太朗 法師, Daitarō Bōshi) is a fictional character in the manga series of Shaman King Zero.


Daitaro is a young boy whose most distinctive feature is a large birthmark over his face. He wears his hair short.


Daitaro is hot-headed and somewhat arrogant. Mappa Douji comments that Daitaro is eager to change his attitude as it suits the circumstances. While initially jealous that their master, Hamo Tadatomo favours Mappa Douji, Daitaro is amused by Mappa Douji's desire transcend humanity.

Abilities and PowersEdit

He is an apprentice Onmyōji.



Daitaro joins his master Hamo Tadatomo to find the source of emerging Oni in Kyoto. When Daitaro is overwhelmed by the Oni he is trying to exterminate, Tadatomo steps in and then summons Zenki and Goki to vanquish them. Daitaro is later seen at the onmyouji's residence, where he expresses displeasure towards Mappa Douji's apathetic attitude toward Tadatomo. Tadatomo admonishes Daitaro's hotheadedness. Out of jealousy toward Tadatomo's favoritism toward Mappa Douji, Daitaro decides to help Yamada Douma to sabotage Tadatomo's Oni exterminating ceremony before the Emperor.

When learning about the Onmyōjii arts, Daitaro is surprised that Mappa Douji can read and write. Mappa Douji reveals that he learned how to do it from an Oni and that he can read Daitaro's mind, thus he knows that Daitaro plans to help sabotage Tadatomo. They talk about their dreams and how Daitaro feels indebted towards Tadatomo and Daitaro becomes amused by Mappa Douji's wish to become more than human.

During the Oni extermination ceremony, a Chimimoryo appears and Daitaro tries to exterminate it to impress Tadatomo. Tadatomo instead stabs Daitaro, revealing him to be a human shikigami created from his experiments with Douma. That night, he became an oni called Yami Oni (闇鬼, lit. Dark Oni) and some started calling him the Daidarabotchi.[1]


Yami Oni manifested through Hana

Centuries later, the new shaman king Hao placed a special condition on Asakura Hana for the new Flower of Maize to summon countless onis in urgent situations. Among those, the Yami Oni which Hana's own life might be costed if he is physically weaken or wounded, was included.[2]

Anime/Manga DifferenceEdit


  • His nanme is a reference to Daidarabotchi, the legendary giant or oni or god of land known from Japan.


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