Die! Collision!
Rage and Furyoku



Dai! Gekitotsu!

Japan Air Date

September 11, 2002

English Air Date

February 16, 2005



Opening Song

Northern lights

Ending Song


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Eternal Farewell
A Place Where I Belong

Die! Collision!(DIE·激突!) is the 62nd episode of the anime series of Shaman King.


As Team "Icemen" and the Lily Five are talking with GoldvaAnna and the others are standing around a fallen Yoh. As everyone thinks back to good memories they've shared with Yoh, Manta falls to his knees while stating in disbelief that Yoh is dead. After Hao has stated that Yoh is not dead, he states that Yoh never existed and that his soul has just returned to the place where it belonged anyway. As everyone creates their Big Over Soul and attacks in anger, Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants screams that they should not let Hao provoke them. As everyone gets knocked back easily by Hao, Ren attacks Hao again. As Hao dodges Ren's attack easily, Ren gets knocked down again. As Hao asks what they are going to do, Anna stands up and states that she won't forgive him. As everyone makes a stand against Hao, Hao states that he'll burn their souls to a crisp.  

Meanwhile, Yoh is seen floating through an empty space. Meanwhile, Mikihisa wakes up and states to Yohmei that Yoh's aura has disappeared. As Pirica asks why they don't go and help Yoh, Yohmei states that the powers of her brother and the others already have surpassed theirs by far. Meanwhile, Ren and the others are attacking Hao multiple times, but Hao is easily able to dodge the attack. As Anna states that she'll seal Hao movements and summons Zenki and Goki, Hao takes control over the two Shikigamis. As Zenki and Goki attack Anna, Silva of the 10 patch Officiants and Kalim of the 10 Patch Officiants block the attack to protect Anna. As Yoh is seen still floating through an empty space, multiple monks are appearing around him. Meanwhile, Goldva tells Team "Icemen" and the Lily Five that the Great Spirit has never invited a Shaman to the Holy Ground of the Stars before. Meanwhile, Hao takes off and flies towards the Great Spirit while Zenki and Goki are able to block all of Ren and the others' attacks. As Manta wonders what to do, Mosuke shows up and states that Manta might be able to do it as well. As Zenki and Goki knocked down Ren and the others easily, Manta shows up and hammers Zenki and Goki down easily, surprising everyone. As Manta states that everyone should combine their powers right now, he collapses from overusing Furyoku. As Zenki and Goki stand up again, everyone attacks them together and defeated Zenki and Goki.

Meanwhile, Yoh hears many voices of hate towards Hao in the past. Meanwhile, Hao is trying to show his strength to the Great Spirit. As Goldva is surprised, the Lily Five and Team "Icemen" go to the Holy Ground of the Stars while stating that they're Shamans as well and that they will not accept Hao as the new Shaman King. Meanwhile, in the Patch Village, everyone is seen wondering what's going on in the Great Spirit. As Hao plans on eating the Great Spirit with the Spirit of Fire, Ren and the others appear behind them. As Hao states that they really start to annoy him, Anna is seen starting her ritual to seal Hao. As Horohoro freezes Hao and Ryu and Lyserg grab the Spirit of Fire, Anna performs the ritual to seal Hao. As Hao is not able to move, Anna orders everyone to attack him. As everyone attacks Hao while thinking of Yoh, Hao smiles and breaks free from Anna's seal, shocking Anna, and the others. As Ren and the others get knocked down to the ground, Anna is standing in disbelief while Hao is laughing. As Anna falls down to her knees, Ren states that the fight is not over yet. As everyone stands up and prepares to fight, Hao attacks them with a stream of fire.  

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