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The Dong Family (ドン Don-ke, Chinese pinyin: Dōngjiā) is a fictional family in the Shaman King Red Crimson manga series.


The Dong Family are an ancient Chinese family who rose to power during the Shang dynasty and were known as Teijin (貞人テイジン , lit. "Perfected Persons")—an ancient term for Daoists.[1] The Tao Family later rose in prominence and subjugated the Dong Family, along with the other shamanic families in China. In retaliation, the Dong Family rallied the people of China against the Tao Family and forced them into exile.[2]

Millennia later, after the Shaman Fight in Tokyo 2000, Tao Ren has brought the Tao Family out of the shadows with the Leidi Group.[3] This resparks the Dong Family's animosity for the Tao Family.[4] In anticipation of the Flower of Maize, they work with YVS in order to destabilize the Tao Family. Although they assist in killing Tao Iron Maiden Jeanne and stealing her spirit,[5] the Dong Family fails to eliminate the Tao Family before a ceasefire is called.[6]

The group within the family that is focused on the elimination of the Tao Family is called Red Crimson (レッドクリムゾン Reddo Kurimuzon).[7]

Family Members[]

Dong Family e v
Dong Suhon
(東須紅 Dōng Xūhóng)
Dong Suhon portrait.png
Dong Suhon is the current head of the Dong Family.
Dong Dehon portrait.png
Dong Dehon
(東大紅 Dōng Dàhóng)
Dong Dehon is the eldest son and has Ju-Che, the Holy Beast of the South.
Dong Keihon
(東慶紅 Dōng Qìnghóng)
Dong Keihon portrait.png
Dong Keihon is the second son and has Shen Woo, the Holy Beast of the North.
Dong Yonhon portrait.png
Dong Yonhon
(東永紅 Dōng Yǒnghóng)
Dong Yonhon is the third son and has Pai-Fu, the Holy Beast of the West.
Dong Shahon
(東狭紅 Dōng Xiáhóng)
Dong Shahon portrait.png
Dong Shahon is the eldest daughter and has Chinron, the Holy Beast of the East.
Dong Honhon portrait.png
Dong Honhon
(東紅紅 Dōng Hónghóng)
Dong Honhon is the youngest child and has the spirit Keiten.

Branch Families[]

Ten Family e v
Director Ten
(田局長 Tián Júzhǎng)
Director Ten portrait.png
The current head of the Ten Family, Director Ten is a skilled Daoshi who works for Red Crimson and the Dong Family. After the Dong Family seemingly betrays him, he takes shelter with the Tao Family.
Enki portrait.png
(猿奇 Yuán Qí)
Enki is a Daoshi who works for Red Crimson. After he is killed by Tao Jun, he is turned into Jiang Shi for Director Ten.

Abilities and Powers[]

The Dong Family has existed for over 3500 years and has a large variety of shamanic abilities. In particular, their Dàoshì practice a method of creating Jiang Shi out of living people, instead of corpses, like the Tao Family.[3]

The family also has four Kami class spirits, the Four Holy Beasts.[1]


  • Dōng (東) means "east" in Chinese and Japanese.


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