Door of Babylon
The Door of Babylon



Babiron no Tobira

Japan Air Date

July 31, 2002

English Air Date

February 8, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Northern Lights

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Gate of Babylon (episode)
The Shaman Fight Ends?

Gate of Babylon(バビロンの扉) is the 56th episode of Shaman King the anime series.


As Jeanne is burned and goes back into the Iron Maiden, Lyserg loses all his hope because even she wasn't able to beat Hao. The other X-Laws then make Lyserg realize that Jeanne is still alive because the cage she made to imprison Yoh and the others are still there. As Hao's followers then clash with the X-Laws, Luchist's spirit strikes a blow on Marco's. Meanwhile, Yoh and the others are still trapped inside the cage. Meanwhile, Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants is on his way towards the battlefield. As he bumps into Kalim of the 10 Patch Officiants, they go together. As Hao is enjoying watching the X-Laws struggle against his followers, Yoh and the others state that they can't stand watching the fight from the cage. Then, they try to use all their Furyoku to break the cage.

Meanwhile as Bill Burton kills Larch Dirac, John Denbat gets killed by Mohamed Tabarsi. As all the X-Laws think of the time they've spent together, Porf Griffith gets killed by Hang Zang-Ching. As Yoh screams in horror to everyone to stop the fighting, they are able to break out of the cage. As Hao's followers attack the remaining X-Laws, they get stopped by Yoh and the others. As the X-Laws are surprised that Yoh and the others help them, Marco states that he rather dies a noble death. Meanwhile, as Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants and Kalim of the 10 Patch Officiants are still on their way, Kalim of the 10 Patch Officiants states that it always gets complicated for Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants when it comes to Hao. Then, Mikihisa shows up and kicks Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants down while stating that they must not interfere with the chance to get rid of Hao.

Meanwhile, Yoh and Hao are standing face-to-face. As Hao states that he is going to test Yoh a little and attacks him with the Spirit of Fire, Yoh dodges the attack by using the Spirit of Sword. Meanwhile, everyone else is fighting against Hao's followers. The X-Laws are still surprised that they got their help. Meanwhile, Yoh is clashing with the Spirit of Fire. Meanwhile, Mikihisa explains to the two Patch Officiants that he believes that Yoh might take care of Hao now. As Yoh gets grabbed by the Spirit of Fire, Hao states that Yoh did not bad and releases him. As Hao tells him to get even stronger, something strange happens in the air. As the X-Laws realize that Jeanne has woken up and focussed all her strength at the Gate of Babylon, the ritual begins. As Jeanne feels sorry for the lives they've lost in the battle, all the X-Laws state that they're determined to continue the ritual. As Yoh screams to the X-Laws to stop because they'll die if they lose more Furyoku, Jeanne orders Shamash to open the Gate of Babylon with the key. As the Gate finally opens, everyone on the battlefield gets pulled in, leaving a big hole behind with Shamash left behind to guard the gates. But the arm of the Spirit of Fire snatches Shamash before the gate closes. Yoh and the others wake up as Hao is heard whispering something to Yoh. As Mikihisa and the others are wondering what's going on. Yoh and the others come back to the normal world all of a sudden. Hao is seen talking about the meal for the Spirit of Fire, as it is seen devouring Shamash, while Hao's cold laughing echoes. 

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