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Dowsing Revolution
The Dowser



Daujingu Reboryūshon

Japan Air Date

January 9, 2002

English Air Date

January 1, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Trust You

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Lyserg's Revenge

Dowsing Revolution (ダウジング·レボリューション) is the 27th episode of the anime series of Shaman King.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As an unknown young boy is seen taking out a few Shamans, he states that he needs stronger allies in order to defeat Hao. Later on, Lily Five are trying to become allies with the unknown young boy. As they make a move on the unknown young boy, he is easily able to defeat the five girls. Later on, Yoh and the others are seen researching information about the location of Patch Village. As they are not able to find anything, Yoh and the others wonder about what to do next. Meanwhile, Manta is seen visiting Anna. As Manta suggests to call Yoh, Anna states that it's expensive and it is unnecessary. Later on, as Ryu is seen asking an old man about the information of patch village, he meets with the unknown young boy. Then, he introduces himself as Lyserg Diethel, and asks Ryu if he can become his ally. Ryu then tells Lyserg that he can come with him.

As Ryu meets with Yoh and the others in a hotel, he introduces Lyserg to them. As Ren and Horohoro are not sure, Yoh immediately states that it's fine. As Ren and Horohoro still distrust him, Lyserg uses his Over Soul with his spirit, Morphine. As Lyserg attacks Yoh and the others and Horohoro is he was planning to destroy rivals, after all, Lyserg states that he was not. Then a flashback from 8 years ago is shown in where Hao is seen killing Lyserg's father and mother. Then, Lyserg is able to defeat Ren and Horohoro. As Yoh rushes towards Ren and Horohoro to see if they are alright, Ryu apologizes for bringing Lyserg with him. As Lyserg then states that he can't tell if they are strong enough to become his ally's if they don't want to fight, Yoh tells him that he doesn't care. As Lyserg attacks Yoh, Yoh is able to dodge the attack and destroy Lyserg's medium. As Lyserg attacks Yoh again with all of his Furyoku, Yoh strikes back and easily defeats Lyserg. As Lyserg is defeated he wonders why Yoh's face looked just like Hao's. Then Yoh tells Lyserg that this was payback for being selfish, but he also tells him that he is willing to listen to his reasons. Lyserg then follows Yoh and the others.

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