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Eliza Faust (エリザ・ファウスト Eriza Fausuto) is the guardian ghost of Johann Faust VIII. She married Faust when she was alive but was later tragically killed. She is voiced by Yuka Komatsu in Japanese, and Lisa Ortiz in English.


The Fausts living happily together

Eliza was born June 29, 1963, and was from Germany. Ever since childhood, Eliza had been sick with a fatal disease. As the only woman to care for Faust VIII, he, in return, slaved over his studies to find a cure for her and succeeded. After her recovery, they were married and opened a clinic together. They lived together happily until one day when Faust was away, a burglar broke into their mansion's clinic. The burglar shot Eliza point blank in the head and Faust returned home too late to save her.

Faust was driven insane by his beloved wife's death and used necromancy to try to revive her. For the Shaman Fight, he took her skeletal remains from her grave to use as a medium and in hopes of bringing her back to life. However, Faust's powers only allow him to conjure an image of Eliza rather than her actual soul. To recruit Faust onto Yoh's team, Anna summons Eliza's soul back, allowing Faust to communicate with and see Eliza more often. He later becomes strong enough to call her anytime he wishes.

Eliza was educated as a nurse and worked with her husband at the clinic in their mansion. According to Faust, she was a little bit clumsy with syringes, injecting the same spot several times until she hit the mark.

Oversouls and Attacks[]

O.S. Dear Eliza[]

O.S. "Dear Eliza"

O.S. "Dear Eliza" (O.S.愛しのエリザ)

Description: The principal O.S. of the necromancer, Faust VIII. His necromantic Over Soul is the product of years of study from the grimoire left behind by his great ancestor, Johann Georg Faust I. With the magic acquired from its contents, Faust is able to vividly recreate the semblance of life in the corpse of his deceased wife Eliza, and reanimated her body by integrating her ghost with her skeleton and fleshing them out with Furyoku. However, necromancy can only reanimated corpses, and will not work if the ghost has any will-power remaining. To that extent, "Dear Eliza" is nothing more than an empty doll, with no will of her own. aside from Faust. although not very strong, "Dear Eliza" is fortified with pure Furyoku and wields a huge hand-made staff affixed with a giant razor blade with the Oversoul extended over it, making her particularly lethal at close to mid-range combat.

On a weird yet interesting note, as a result of the battle between Faust and Yoh, Faust replaced one of Eliza's broken leg bones with his own legs.

O.S. Mephisto E[]

O.S. "Mephisto E"

O.S. "Mephisto Eliza" (O.S.メフィスト・E)

  • Shaman: Johann Faust VIII
  • O.S. Type: Spirit Type
  • Spirit Ally: Eliza Faust (human ghost)
  • Medium used: Skeletal remains of Eliza Faust & various medical tools

Description: After being recruited into Team "Funbari Onsen", Faust began training under the care of Anna with the Chō-Senjiryakketsu. After mastering its contents, Faust's necromancy was improved considerably allowing him and Anna to truly return Eliza's spirit.

Faust makes this O.S. by integrating Eliza's soul with her skeletal remains and tools from his doctor's kit, creating a menacing and demonic giant O.S. nurse; a homage to the original Mephistopheles and his deceased lover, Eliza, complete with demonic wings and oversized surgical tools for fingers. Her equipment is scalpels, scissors and sounds on her right arm and fingers, and an oversize syringe on her left arm, equipped with an ammunition belt. According to Faust, the 206 bones are picked with the utmost quality, to make Over Souling much easier, and have a skin protection formed with Furyoku of love. Of all the bones used, only the skull is Eliza's own original

As a gigantic Over Soul, Mephisto E wields monstrous strength, and everyone shivers in fear when they see this demonic beauty.

O.S. Eliza Operieren[]

O.S. "Eliza Operieren"

O.S. "Eliza Operieren" (O.S.エリザ・オペリーレン)

  • Shaman: Johann Faust VIII
  • O.S. Type: Spirit/Armor Type
  • Spirit Ally: Eliza Faust
  • Medium used: Skeletal remains of Eliza Faust & various medical tools

Description: Faust creates this O.S. in order to compete against Team "The Ren". With a few pointers from Sati, Faust finally achieves the "true" power of resurrection through this O.S. While essentially an Armor-type O.S., Eliza Operieren is operated by the ghost Over Soul of Eliza herself, making this Armor-type rendition similar like Faust's original "Dear Eliza". The Over Soul consists of Eliza in her nurse's outfit with surgical theater equipment attached to her back. Towards the end of the manga series, Faust begins to "wear" Eliza and the armor protrudes from his back instead.[1]


  • Chō-Senjiryakketsu - Jugon Zonshi (超占事略決 呪禁存思 "Ultra Senji Ryakketsu - Healing Spell"): After being unable to defeat death many times, Faust can finally, with this Over Soul, create a technique that can revive even the dead, as long as their bodies are not too damaged.[1] With this technique, he can also remove any damage and fatigue and even regrow limbs, although the latter is a slow and painful process.[2]
  • Ampulle Hagel (アンプルハーゲルン Anpuru Hāgerun, German: "Ampoule Hail"): Faust and Eliza fire hundreds of Over Soul missiles that look like ampoules.[3]

Anime/Manga Difference[]

In the anime series, she was able to talk to say many things than before in the manga series. Also, she is constantly Over Souled as her Over Soul "Dear Eliza" and would be seen doing many things with her husband Faust while feeding him.

In the 4Kids version of the anime series, there's a strange refusal to refer to Eliza as Faust's wife, calling her his girlfriend or love instead.

In the 4kids version, Eliza's cause of death was changed from her getting shot by a burglar to her childhood illness coming back


  • Ever since becoming Faust's Guardian Ghost, Eliza has only spoken once, when they were about to fight The Icemen, and said "Faust Dear I will go anywhere with you"
  • In the 2001 anime series, the O.S. "Mephisto E" is referred to as a Giant Over Soul.
  • Operieren is German for "to operate (medically)".


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