Long Live the King




Japan Air Date

September 25, 2002

English Air Date

September 3, 2005



Opening Song

Northern lights

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Epilogue(エピローグ) is the 64 episode of Shaman King. It is the final episode of the anime series.


As Yoh is trying to land a blow on Hao, all Shamans in Patch Village are seen watching the fight from a distance. As one of Hao's followers states that Hao will kill everyone who opposes him, Sharona states that Yoh is not going to lose. As Hao dodges another one of Yoh's attacks, Hao states that it was worth it for him to wait so long before obtaining the Great Spirit. As Yoh gets knocked down, everyone else states that they have faith in Yoh. As Yoh attacks Hao again, the Spirit of Fire grabs him. As the Spirit of Fire throws Yoh to the ground, Amidamaru saves him by using Over Soul. Then, the Spirit of Fire attacks Yoh with a large stream of fire. As Yoh is trying to dodge it with his Oversoul, Hao makes the Spirit of Fire increase the amount of fire. As Yoh falls to his knees because Hao's attack is too powerful, Hao states that he'll burn Yoh to ashes completely. As Ren and the others stand up and put their faith in Yoh, every other Shaman in the Patch Village is seen putting their faith in Yoh as well. As Hao states that it was pointless for Yoh to be born and increases the amount of fire again, Yoh has even more trouble with dodging the attack.

As Yoh can feel everybody's strength backing him up, Yoh is able to create a brand new big Over Soul. As Yoh states that he can feel that it's created from not only his power, he and Hao attack each other. As Yoh dodges some of a raging Hao's attacks, Yoh states that no one can accomplish something just by himself. As Yoh and Hao clash multiple times, Hao gets even angrier because Yoh keeps believing in the help from his friends instead of being like Hao. As Hao and Yoh attack each other again, Yoh slices the Spirit of Fire in half. Later on, Yoh and the others find themselves in the desert like nothing of the Shaman Fight ever happened. Later on, as everybody goes home, they say goodbye to Lyserg because he goes a different way. As Marco and Jeanne are seen watching Yoh and the others leave, Goldva is seen stating that the Shaman Fight will be suspended until the Great Spirit take some kind of action. 

Later on at home, Anna compliments Yoh on his cooking. As she finds out that he bought it, she gets angry. As Yoh and Anna leave for school, Manta's voice is heard wondering about all the things that have happened the last months. Meanwhile, Ryu is seen on the road with Tokageroh and his motorcycle. Meanwhile, Horohoro is seen with Pirika trying to fix a broken tractor. As Pirika makes fun of Horohoro, it's revealed that the tractor is just out of gas. Meanwhile, Chocolove is seen feeding some cats as someone asks him when his next show will take place. As he asks Chocolove about his next jokes, Chocolove finds out that he hasn't thought of anything yet. Meanwhile, Lyserg is seen reading a book while Morphine flies through his room. Later on, Ren arrives at Yoh's house to bring some stuff. As Ren wonders why he his sister made him do it, Anna comes home and bumps into him. Meanwhile, Yoh and Manta are relaxing at the cemetery. As they leave, Yoh asks Manta to come over to his house later. As Manta leaves he wonders what happened to Hao in the end. Later on, as Yoh arrives home, he gets reunited with Ren. As Faust VIII and Eliza are seen sitting on the roof of Yoh's house, Horohoro meets with Ryu and they have a barbecue together with Pirika. Meanwhile, Lyserg is sleeping and Chocolove is doing another show somewhere in public. Meanwhile as Mikihisa is seen relaxing outside, Yohmei is seen giving Kino a message. As a shooting star is seen, Opacho is standing alone on a mountain. As everyone is seen being happy, Anna is even cooking.

As Manta arrives at Yoh's house as well, Yoh's Orange Oracle Bell in another room is seen receiving a message.

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