Eternal Farewell
Yoh and Goodbye



Eien ni Sayonara

Japan Air Date

September 4, 2002

English Air Date

February 15, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Northern Lights

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Die! Collision!

Eternal Farewell(永遠にサヨナラ) is the 61st episode of Shaman King the anime series.


As Hao reaches the place where the Great Spirit lies, Yoh and the Patch Officiants reach the place where Hao had to beat the three Guardian Spirits. As three Guardians show up to fight them as well, Yoh uses his Spirit of Sword but the Guardian Spirits are able to dodge Yoh's attack and knock Yoh and the Patch Officiants down. As Yoh screams that he has no time to deal with them, Jun and Lee Pyron arrive at the place where Ren has defeated Hao's followers. As Ren and the others are seen running and searching for Yoh, Yoh attacks the Guardian Spirits again. As his attacks do no damage just like before, Yoh finds out that the Guardian Spirits won't do anything if he doesn't attack them. Yoh then tells Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants and Kalim of the 10 Patch Officiants to stop fighting and asks the Guardian Spirits to let them through because he has business with Hao. As Yoh easily passes the Guardian Spirits without getting attacked, Anna is seen running through the woods and searching for Yoh. Meanwhile, Hao and Opacho are seen looking at the Great Spirit, while Manta is still watching. Then, Yoh shows up. As Hao tells Opacho to stand back, Manta is surprised that Yoh has come. As Yoh tells Manta to stand back as well, Hao asks Yoh what he is going to do next. Meanwhile, Ren and the others have arrived at the Guardian Spirits as well, but have no idea how to get past them. 

As Yoh asks Hao why he wants to create a world for Shamans only, Hao states that it's all for the future of the planet. As Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants states that there is no way to stop him without fighting, Hao states that they're no match for him. As the Spirit of Fire then grabs Silva of the 10 Patch Officiants and Kalim of the 10 Patch Officiants and is about to burn them, Yoh slices the Spirit of Fire's hand of to save them. As Hao mocks Yoh, Yoh attacks him and clashes with him. Meanwhile, Ren and the others are trying to defeat the Guardian Spirits. As they all attack them multiple times, they all get knocked back. Meanwhile, Hao and Yoh are clashing multiple times. As Hao states that there's to much difference in their strengths, Yoh gets hit by Hao. As Opacho states that it'll all be over soon, Manta replies that Yoh won't lose. As Opacho states that Yoh has gotten stronger and there is no point obtaining a weak half, Manta gets scared. As Hao has knocked Yoh down again, Ren and the others are seen lying on the ground in exhaustion. As they all stand up, Ren states that he is worried about Yoh being alone with Hao. As they all attack the Guardian Spirits again, they are able to defeat them. As they all progress, Jun and Lee Pyron arrive and have to fight a Guardian Spirit as well. Meanwhile, Hao knocks Yoh down again. As Hao asks if Yoh feels humiliated, Jun Lee Pyron is seen getting beaten by the Guardian Spirit. As the Guardian Spirit is about to attack them, Anna shows up and beats the Guardian Spirit by summoning Zenki and Goki. As Anna progresses, Jun and Lee Pyron decide to stay behind. Meanwhile, Opacho states to Manta that Yoh will become one with Hao. Then, Hao disarms Yoh and knocks him down again. As Hao grabs Yoh, he enters Yoh's body with his bare hand and pulls his soul out. As Hao consumes Yoh's soul, Ren and the others have just arrived. As Anna shows up as well, she gets shocked by what she is seeing and screams Yoh's name in horror and fear. 

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