Explosive Over Souls
Goth Rematch



Baretsu Ōbā Sōru

Japan Air Date

April 17, 2002

English Air Date

January 20, 2005



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song

Northern Lights

Episode Guide
Chō Senjiryakettsu
Spirit of the Sword

Explosive Over Souls (爆れつオーバーソウル) is the 41st episode of the anime series of Shaman King.

Summary[edit | edit source]

After HaoOpacho and the Team "Hana-Gumi" are talking about Yoh gaining Hao's powers, the X-Laws are seen talking with the strange statue about the effect Cho-Senjiryakketsu might have had on Yoh and the others. Meanwhile, as Yoh is relaxing, he is wondering what to do with the Futunomitama no Turugi. Later on, Yoh and the others are trying to find clues for Patch Village with the help of Manta, who has his laptop with him. Then everyone gets a little touched and Ren reveals that he is a little bit worried about his sister, Jun. As Manta then states that he wasn't able to find anything, Amidamaru tells Yoh that he believes to know where they have to go. Yoh then decides to trust Amidamaru's intuition and go. 

As Yoh and the others are traveling, Marco and Lyserg are seen while Lyserg states that he would want Yoh to join "Jeanne", because he believes that she is the only one that is able to defeat to Hao. As Marco and Lyserg are talking, Hao shows up and states that Yoh would never want to go get involved with them and that whatever they're planning, is no use. Later on, as Yoh and the others continue their journey, the Hana-Gumi show up and state that they want to know how much stronger Yoh has become. Anna then states that they have no chance to win and tells Ryu, Ren and Yoh to take care of everything. As the Hana-Gumi attacks Yoh and the others, they are easily able to dodge all the attacks. Meanwhile, Hao, Opacho, Marco, and Lyserg are watching the fight from different angles. As everyone is impressed, the Hana-Gumi attack again while stating that they can finally get serious. As the Hana-Gumi launch a very powerful attack on Yoh and the others, they are able to dodge them and destroy their opponent's Over Soul by using their newly acquired powers.

As the Hana-Gumi recreate their Big Over Souls and launches even stronger attacks at Yoh and the others, they are able to use their new Big Oversoul. Ren and Ryu then defeat Marion and Matilda. As Yoh tries to defeat Kanna but loses control over his Furyoku, he suddenly thinks of the Futunomitama no Turugi and uses it to create a second sword and use it to defeat her at last. As Hao states to Opacho that they've become strong, Yoh and the others are happy with their new Oversoul powers. As Lyserg asks Marco if he can speak with Yoh and the others, Marco states that everything will be decided by Jeanne. Then, a close-up is shown from the X-Law's hideout in where the strange statue opens at the top revealing with Jeanne's face with a happy face.

Meanwhile as the Hana-Gumi can't believe that they were defeated, Anna states that the fight was over before it started. Then, Hao shows up together with the Spirit of Fire. As he thanks the Hana-Gumi for their work, he turns to Yoh and the others to tell him that he wants him to "return that body to him soon enough because it was originally his". As Hao leaves the states "until next time, little brother", shocking Yoh and the others. As Manta asks Yoh what was that all about, Mikihisa shows up and states that what Hao said is true, Yoh and Hao are twin brothers.

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