Fate of 600 Years
The Infamous Tokageroh



Innen Rokupyaku-nen

Japan Air Date

September 5, 2001

English Air Date

September 4, 2004



Opening Song

Over Soul

Ending Song


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The Boy from the North
Rain That Falls In Spring

Fate of 600 Years (因縁600年) is the 10th episode of the anime series of Shaman King.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As Yoh and Manta come home from training, Anna gets angry at them because she is hungry and they are late. Meanwhile, Ryu is seen downtown together with his gang. As his gang asks Ryu if he shouldn't go to Yoh's house, Ryu states that its impossible for him to become a Shaman. His gang then takes Ryu to an abandoned bowling center to cheer him up. Later on, Anna orders Yoh and Manta to buy food. As Yoh and Manta pass the bowling center and notice that the lights are on, they want to check it out. As Ryu sees them approaching, he hides because he thinks they came to search for him. As Ryu hides inside the women's restroom, a lizard is seen with glowing red eyes. As everybody searches Ryu, Amidamaru tells Yoh and Manta about him feeling that a spirit with a lust for vengeance is roaming around in the bowling center. After telling Ryu's gang that they should find Ryu quickly and leave, Yoh and Manta go home and Yoh states that he will talk to Anna since she is the expert on evil spirits. Since Yoh has left, Ryu is about to come out of the restroom but he hears a voice. As Ryu looks in the mirror, he sees a spirit. The spirit then takes possession of Ryu's body. 

As Ryu's gang hear Ryu screaming coming from the restroom, they later find him in the restroom. Ryu then tells them that they won't leave and that this is the day of revival. Later on, Ryu asks his gang where was the Harusame now. Meanwhile, at Yoh's house, Manta is leaving because its really getting late and later Anna orders Yoh to do the dishes as she has to study since they are going to investigate the evil spirit at the bowling center tomorrow. Later on, as Manta is on his way home, he sees Ryu and his gang walking so he decides to follow them. Then, Ryu is seen inside the museum. As his gang pieces of advice him to leave, Ryu states that he is going to take revenge. Ryu then stabs one of his gang members with the sword and he states that he is the thief, Tokageroh. Ryu then states that he is going to kill Amidamaru with his own sword. Meanwhile Manta, who has seen it all of everything, he tries to escape and tries to warn Yoh and Amidamaru but he gets intercepted by Ryu, who noticed his presence. Ryu then says he is going to use Manta as a hostage. Meanwhile, at Yoh's house, Yoh, Anna, and Amidamaru have the feeling that something bad happened to Manta. As they want to go and search for Manta, Ryu appears in front of their house. Anna then states that Ryu is being possessed and then Tokageroh shows himself stating that he will have his revenge from 600 years ago.

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